Posted 07th of June 2001


Horizon have made the following announcement about the Videos for Deliverance 98. This is also on Horizon's B7 news at Yahoo groups.

The first of the 3 long-awaited videos of the Deliverance 98 convention - 'These Our Actors' is now completed, and being despatched to those who have pre-ordered. If you paid a deposit and have yet to pay the balance, please send this in to Claire Saunders ASAP so she can send out the first tape.

The second tape - 'Backstage Boys and Girls' and the third tape - 'Highlights of D98' - will follow shortly.

The price of the tapes is 14.50 for each tape, with a discount for buying all three together of 3 tapes for 40 (instead of 43.50) plus delivery costs (1.50 UK; 2.75 Europe; 3.75 USA/Canada; 4.00 Aust/NZ per tape). The tapes are in PAL format, but we can provide NTSC copies for an extra 2 per tape.

Tape 1: These Our Actors. 90 minutes of fuller versions of the best cast panels. Panels featured include 'The Men of Blake's 7' with Gareth Thomas, Michael Keating, Stephen Greif, David Jackson and Peter Tuddenham; 'The Federation' with Jacqueline Pearce and Stephen Greif; 'The Ladies of Blake's 7' with Sally Knyvette, Jan Chappell and Jacqueline Pearce. This tape has been completed and is ready for despatch.

Tape 2: The Backstage Boys (and Girls) 90 minutes of fuller versions of the best panels featuring our guests from behind the scenes - David Maloney, Chris Boucher, Mat Irvine, Brian Lighthill, Stuart Fell, Sheelagh Wells, Joe Nazzaro, Judith Smith, Mike Tucker. This tape has been completed but not yet duplicated (hopefully within a couple of weeks).

Tape 3: The Best of Deliverance 98. 90 minutes of selected highlights from all the panels, the fancy dress, celebrity cabaret (featuring Peter Tuddenham, David Jackson, Stephen Greif, Gareth Thomas and the story of Cinderella told - in her own inimitable style - by Jacqueline Pearce!), the Terry Nation Tribute & Liars Panel, Mat Irvine's Exhibition Tour, and a look at the convention through the eyes of our Roving Camera. The guest panel footage on Best of Deliverance 98 is unique to this tape. This tape will be completed shortly.

The tapes are professionally packaged with specially designed sleeves, and the opening and closing credits are accompanied by stunning graphics and specially composed incidental music - all by Mark Spencer of Dysfunction Ltd.

To order, send cheques payable to 'Deliverance 98' to Claire Saunders, 12 Saville Crescent, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 1SX. Or you can order by credit card from Gillian Puddle (see below)


When sending your CC orders to Gillian, can you address the letter just to Gillian Puddle, Horizon, Rowbarns Lodge, etc. etc. and NOT say 'Credit Card Orders' on the envelope. I know we told you to in the magazine, but we've decided it might be best to just say HORIZON, when addressing orders rather than specifying, for security reasons. Sorry about that!

Remember, if you're ordering by credit card we need the following information:

- Card Type
- Credit Card No.
- Card Issue No. for Switch Cards
- The `valid thru' dated (from and to) (for American Express)
- Cardholder's Name and Initials (as they appear on the card)
- Card Expiry Date
- Cardholder's Signature (for orders by post)
- Cardholder's Telephone No. in case of any queries
- Contact email address
- Address of cardholder (merchandise can only be despatched to this address if paying by credit card)

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