Posted 11th of October 2006

The Cult of Blake's 7

BBC scotland have just completed a short series about Cult TV programmes. To appear on BBC4 called "The Cult of ...".

The programme on Blake's 7 features Paul Darrow, Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce, Peter Tuddenham, Sally Knyvette, Michael Keating, Chris Boucher, Pennant Roberts, Mat Irvine, Steve O'Brien and Kim Newman.

The series is narrated by Sci-fi star Robert Llewellyn. Features some outtakes.

The series will start with Blake's 7 in mid November and they will show an episode after each documentary. They will be showing "Blake".

Other shows include Adam Adamant Lives, The Tripods, Doomwatch, Star Cops, Survivors.

Source Miles Goodwin BBC Scotland.

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