Posted 29th of January 2001


This Video is being made by MJTV (who also produce The Soldiers of Love). Gareths part in the film will be shot on 19th and 20th of February.

(This was formerly called Cash in Hand).

Gareth Thomas, Nick Courtney, Anna Karen, Marcia Ashton, Judith Jacob and Peter Miles all confirmed to appear!

(It was earlier reported that Jaqueline Pearce would be in this, but she had to cancel).

Gareth Thomas has confirmed he will appear in the 'Cash In Hand' feature, to be shot in February. He will be playing Inspector Sabworth, an Inspector with a deranged edge.

Peter Miles, will be playing Robin Scoops, housemate to Fanny, who still thinks there's a war going on, and has an unrivalled collection of U.X.B.

Jo Phillips-Lane will play Northern ex-prostitute turned investigator 'Madame Ouvre'. Her investigating accomplice will be Irish Nun played by Marcia Ashton.

Nick Courtney will play The Major Terrance Gapp, with a very dubious secret.

Anna Karen will play "Fanny Gapp".

Nick Kirby ('Snyder' in Soldiers of Love) will also appear as 'Hogg', the solicitor.

Peter Dean (Pete Beale in Eastenders) will be playing Farmer Brownlow.

Deborah Watling (Victoria in Dr. Who) will be playing Lady Winkworth.

Gary Hailes will play "Jim".

Steven Degatis will play "Gestalt"

Suzanne Cave will play "Pru Clarkson"

Ken Lodge will play "Clinton Cummings"

Debbie Watling will play "Lady Winkworth"

Judith Jacob will play "Professor Fibusgola"

Ali Mercer will play "Sharon Knacks"

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