Posted 07th of November 2002

Paul Darrow in James Bond

As you must be aware (if not...where have you been?) over the next couple of weeks, the new James Bond film "Die Another Day" will premiere. Paul actually had a small part in the film - as James Bond's doctor. Although we don't know for sure, Paul feels that, due to the vagaries of the powers in charge, his part will be cut. But, as already mentioned, we don't know for sure. However, reading in the Daily Mail today (4th Nov) it appears Sean Connery was paid for a 20 second cameo as 007's dad and the producers are agonising whether to include the scene after it was pointed out that, in Fleming's novels, Bond was an orphan. So.. if Sean has to go...what chance has our Paul of staying? Check out the film - just in case.

Source - The Avon Club.

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