Posted 06th of April 2005

Binding Force

Binding Force - A New 2 Part Sci-fi Audio for 2006 starring Paul Darrow & Jacqueline Pearce is being considered by MJTV. MJTV are currently in discussion with Tanith Lee who has agreed in principle to write one episode of the 2 CD release of a new science fiction series called 'Binding Force', starring Jacqueline Pearce and Paul Darrow. 'It will be futuristic, but psychological, emotional and....dangerous....' First story is called 'Generation Back', with Paul Darrow as 'Garik' and Jacqueline Pearce as 'Visani' If the proposed series goes ahead it will be released in late 2005. 'It's important to get it right and not rush out a release, it's also dependant on the audio CD market place at the time and upon how many people seem interested in the pilot CD'. It is also dependant on MJTV's visual production workload which continues to be exceptionally busy.

If you feel 'Binding Force' is a drama you're really interested in and would be likely to purchase, please contact and let him know. The project is only viable if it will sell enough copies to cover production costs.

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