Posted 22nd of December 2005

Blake's Junction 7


Produced by Pitchfilms.

An unofficial short comedy film about the sci-fi gang stopping off at a motorway service station. Starring Mark Heap, Johnny Vegas, Martin Freeman, MacKenzie Crook, Raquel Cassidy, Justin Edwardes and Susan Earl, with new recordings from the original voice of the super-super computer, Peter Tuddenham. Written by Tim Plester and directed by Ben Gregor.

Filmed on 35mm. It's 15 minutes of mundane sci-fi joy. It's an unofficial one-off comedy short made with affectionate respect for the original creators - in this case Terry Nation and the BBC, and with no connection to any other copyright holders.

Gallery of 4 photos.

Online trailor - you will need quicktime to view it.


There's a new on-line gallery with a few images from 'Blake's Junction 7' now up-and-running at their new website Blakes Junction 7.

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