Posted 03rd of May 2007

Blake's 7 - Audio Adventures

The new Blake's 7 audio adventures will debut on Sci-Fi Channel from 7 May. I have this from one of the producers, but the web page is still saying 'coming soon'. (Do NOT confuse with the old Barry Letts audio adventures, which were crap)

There will be a chance to talk to the producers, and some of the cast and writers at Sci Fi London on the 5th May at 11.30am in the Apollo cinema.

Having heard the trailers for the new audio series (which starts on Earth and follows essentially the same plot line as the original series), I was very impressed by it. It was played at Redemption and I can still remember the sense of sheer joy at hearing Zen say "Confirmed". It's an all new cast and their voices work well together.

I was very uncertain if I'd like it, until I heard extracts. I've loved the original cast for many years, but I think this new production stands a good chance of being true to the legend. The fact that the writiers are obviously familiar with the old series is a big plus. The fact that they are not slavishly following it is also a plus. When retelling a story, one should retain the best of the old, but also be willing to innovate to avoid stagnation.

Don't worry about Cally's initial absence. Just as in the original series, it will take her a while to join the crew. The writers want to give her a fully developed back story and that should be worth waiting for if the series is able to progress to a decent number of episodes. There's also a brand new member of the crew - I think you'll like her. She's got a very different background from the rest of Blake's crew. Listen for yourself and find out!

I want to buy it!


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