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Entry: 192
Email :
a most interesting site if anyone knows of how and were i can obtain some form of poster of the scmaticits of the liberator an e-mail would be most helpful thanks
- 12nd of December 1999

Entry: 191
I really enjoyed the site and im going to use the liberator pic in the gallery as my wallpaper.
- 8th of December 1999

Entry: 190
Sarah Henley
Email :
I Love your website very interesting for all fans. Love to hear from you soon.
- 27th of November 1999

Entry: 189
Becky 'Xena' Duty
Email :
Hi there! I love this site. I can find info for when I get confused (I've only just started watching B7) I'll see you all at Redemption 01.
- 16th of November 1999

Entry: 188
Email :
I think your new updated web site looks great, If any one wants a chat about B7 give me an E-mail!
- 5th of November 1999

Entry: 187
Email : RCALLA6725@AOL.COM
A really enjoyable site. Would there be any chance of more material on Star Cops?
- 5th of November 1999

Entry: 186
Email :
I have recently watched my first episode of B7, and now i'm hooked. The local video store has heaps of volumes, so i'll be watching the rest of them ASAP,being a typical male Iv'e also noticed that most of the women didn't wear bra's, that must have something to do with no gravity in space "L", something that Star Trek didn't capitalise on. This is a great web site and it's good to see that there are so many fans out there, keep up the good work.
- 3rd of November 1999

Entry: 185
Robert L. Norris
Email :
Excellent fan site ! Enjoyable to read and very informative for any Blakes 7 true fan. I've just completed my video collection of Blakes 7 and must say it was a great investment - all 26 videos comprising the entire series. I'm interested in hearing from other Blakes 7 fans from around the world. Please Write !
- 22nd of September 1999

Entry: 184
Email :
Hello from Worthing, what a brilliant site, it kept me going amused for hours. B7 was so good , I still watch the reruns on UK gold when they have them, and they are just as good . I'll be back. Mark.
- 20th of September 1999

Entry: 183
Steven Ridgers
Email :
If anybody can provide me with blueprints/schematics of the other models in Blake 7 I would appreciate it. I worked on the liberator model some time ago and planned to do some more CGI soon. You can see a small picture of my Liberator effort at (a company I work for from time to time - I`m a freelance artist). I shall have my own website up soon anyway at or . If you have any information on the other ships then feel feel to contact me at
- 10th of September 1999

Entry: 182
Email :
I searched on lycos not really expecting to find much in the way of B7. What a shock!. Its nice to know and see that such a brilliant series as B7 is still alive and kicking in the memories of so many people. You cant keep a good programme down. Whats this about a new film???? pinch me!
- 14th of August 1999

Entry: 181
Michael King
Email :
I am a truly dedicated fan of B7, and I am thouroughly impressed with all of these web sites. I've been thinking about creating my own, very untechnical B7 web site...does anyone have any advice on this? I just wanted to do an episode guide, with a rating and review of each episode. Do I have any support? Mikey
- 9th of August 1999

Entry: 180
Drew Ketchen
Email :
Love the site.Have only been able to scan through it just now.I'm absolutely ecstatic that the BBC are going to make 2 new TV movies.If you can e-mail me back ,have there been any more conformations of the original cast being in these movies(I know Paul Darrow will be in it)? Once again can just say the site is great!!!
- 26th of July 1999

Entry: 179
Memories in memory eh!
- 16th of July 1999

Entry: 178
Roslyn Robertson
Email :
Wow, what a fantastic site! There's just so much here, it's a bit difficult to know what to look at next. Great to see so many other fans are out there on the net. Please feel free to e-mail me. (Vila and Tarrant fans in particular).
- 10th of July 1999

Entry: 177
ulrich bongartz
Email :
Hi :) what a journey back in time. I stumbled randomly over the 1st Episode of Blake's Sven in Dutch TV and became a Fan. Visited "liberator Popular Front" about 1980 and kept looking if there was ever a german trans- lation of Blake's Seven. Now I find this Page - how nice :) Will there be new Blake's 7 series/material ? What about that movie. I'll be back to look :) Am I the only german Fan? c U Ulrich
- 4th of July 1999

Entry: 176
testing testing 1 2 3
- 27th of June 1999

Entry: 175
- 30th of May 1999

Entry: 174
Joanna Thomas
Email :
Great site! I visit often and never fail to find something new. I was delighted to read the transcript of PD's visit to Newnham College, Cambridge in October 1981 as I was there - what an entertaining evening! In fact I asked the question about PD getting hurt in the scene with Gan. I was a member of the University B7 Society, Avalon - if there are any ex-members out there, please get in touch!
- 27th of May 1999

Entry: 173
Phil Davies
Email :
Dear Judith, Congratulations on a superb site - I shall be visiting very often. A couple of points - 1. Re the film - I share Andrew's fears about non-canon sequels despite Paul Darrow's involvement. Sure, it will appear to B7 fans but Star Wars fever will drown even it even if brilliant. 2. Does anybody else use B7 things as computer passwords ? No-one at work will EVER crack them. 3. Has anyone noticed there has been NO mention of poor old Cally in ANY of the B7 audio plays - all the other characters have been mentioned..... 4.Pam Baddley please E-Mail me sometime......... 5.Please E-Mail me with your views - anybody ? Phil Davies
- 21st of May 1999

Entry: 172
Email :
This site is a fine tribute to a wonderful series. Blakes 7 ruined all other sci-fi for me ( except, of course, for " 2001 " ) so I'm very excited by the prospect of the new series starring the awesome Paul Darrow. I do worry that it might be as dumb & disappointing as that abysmal Dr Who telemovie with Paul McGann but even bad Blakes 7 is better than none at all. By the way, is anyone interested in a piece of Blakes 7 fan-fic focussing on Avon and a deft piece of undercover work?!
- 9th of May 1999

Entry: 171
I love the site too. But please, someone explain to Neil (essays) that (a) he doesn't like slash because he's the wrong gender. It's a woman thing; you ain't ever going to understand why it turns us on, Neil, so go read something you like and leave it alone. And Judith, never mind arguing the merits of it with him, just get more of it online so we can all drool!
- 29th of April 1999

Entry: 170
- 28th of April 1999

Entry: 169
Tim Nicholls
The news about the new movie at first was thrilling. Now I have had time to think about it I am very worried that it may ruin a very beloved show. Look at what FOX did to Dr. Who the other year with their terrible tv movie. I hope they treat B7 with respect and that it stays true to the 'character' and 'story" driven aspects of the show and forgets about fancy effects. I guess it does have a chance what with Paul Darrow co-producing it with Brian Ligthill. Brian does seem pretty responsive to the fans and their ideas and comments. Also the fact they will be using Terry Nation's own idea of a continuation from GP is very encouraging. But please Paul and Brian, if the only reason you are doing this is for money and not quality then please do not do it. I could not bear the thought of the legacy of B7 being destroyed. GP is a very good episode, although not very uplifting, and to have it followed by more B7 is fantastic news. BUT PLEASE MAKE IT GOOD B7!!!!!!
- 20th of April 1999

Entry: 168
Diana Lawson
Email :
What a brilliant site and a pleasure every time I visit it. I'd also like to thank all the Blakes 7 fans who have attended Neutral Zone over the past 5 years. Gareth, the fifth committee member, will return - probably in August (Bank Holiday) and March 2000. Without your support I couldn't run these events - so once again well done and keep up the good work. Judith you're a star - run more conventions and then I can retire :-)
- 22nd of March 1999

Entry: 167
C. Conlon
Glad to run across this site! For people who like avatar novels, a book came out about 10 years ago, called Sorcery And Cecelia, by Patricia C. Wrede and a Caroline, whose last name escapes me at the moment. A hybrid fantasy/ regency romance (Jane Austen style--lots of wit, one of the heros is an Avon avator. You'll recognize him. Might be hard to find, but worth it.
- 20th of March 1999

Entry: 166
Jay Aponte
I have all the tapes and behind the sean as well. Love BLAKE'S 7
- 12nd of March 1999

Entry: 165
Email :
i'm pleased with this site
- 5th of March 1999

Entry: 164
i'm pleased with this site
- 5th of March 1999

Entry: 163
Email :
Hi Judith, I just popped by to look around your site again, saved a few filks to my disc. I think your site is an invaluable online resource, so much info here. May you long continue, cheers, kevs
- 5th of March 1999

Entry: 162
Email :
- 26th of February 1999

Entry: 161
Email :
I came upon this site completely by accident.I coundn't believe my luck as I too was a B7(particularly Avon)fan.Thanks for all your hard work in putting it together.I am sure I will visit again to relive old memories.
- 21st of February 1999

Entry: 160
David Buchanan
Email :
At last! Thanks to the Internet I can now assuage my craving for further helpings of B7 despite being on the other side of the globe (New Zealand). I would say, "Live long and prosper", but I have a niggling feeling that someone's already used that one. Avon lives - it's impossible to keep a good b******d down.
- 19th of February 1999

Entry: 159
Pat Dunn
Email :
Hello! I was browsing and found your fascinating zine listings, including a few of the stories I've co-authored. To answer Sarah Thompson's question about our DW/B7 cross-over series with Avon as a Time Lord named Avontrokerrdred: yes, all of those stories are by Diana Smith and myself, Pat Dunn. Nikki White published all of them, starting with MULTIVERSE #17 and concluding with #27 (there was no story from us in #21). "Exchanges" from MULTIVERSE #17 and "Separation" from MULTIVERSE #18 have also been published in CHILDREN OF THE FEDERATION. "Alternative Escape" in MULTIVERSE #22 was a story by a reader who wanted to do her own thing with our premise. We gave her and Nikki our permission to use the basic idea, but had no other input into the story. As far as I know, the Avontrokerrdred series is now finished. (Oh, and in case you're wondering why Vila managed to end up on Gallifrey with Avon & his clan-- well, I like Vila! Thanks for a great website, and for keeping the Cause alive! Be seeing you.... Pat Dunn
- 11st of February 1999

Entry: 158
Louise Badsey
Email :
Hi Judith! I've just got access to the internet and so will be seeking out all the Blakes 7 stuff (especially the Slash fiction!!) What we need is some more Tarrant/Travis pairings I reckon! Looking forward to Redemption!
- 6th of February 1999

Entry: 157
Email :
I grew up with B7 as a child in the seventees.
- 29th of January 1999

Entry: 156
Email :
i've lusted after avon since i knew what lusting was!!last year i saw paul darrow in a terry pratchet play in norwich,england.the memories came flooding back , but this time no leather trousers or orac!bring back avon ,tarrant,cally,vila & the gang.great to see i'm not the only B7 spotter!!!
- 24th of January 1999

Entry: 155
I used to watch Blake's 7 as a kid in Washington,DC on the Public Television station. Are VHS copies of the series available anywhere? I remember it to be a great show... much better than Dr. Who or The Galloping Gourmet!
- 16th of January 1999

Entry: 154
Alan Yost
Email :
Great web site guys! I've been a Blake's 7 fan for many years. Thanks.
- 9th of January 1999

Entry: 153
Email :
- 5th of January 1999

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