Zenith is a new Blake's 7 magazine, which has just been released.

The Premier issue contains:

Interviews with Brian Croucher (Travis 2), Vere Lorrimer (the late director/ producer), Paul Darrow and Sheelagh Wells (about their work on the Strangerers), Peter Miles (secretary Rontane in Seek Locate Destroy and Trial also Nyder in the Doctor Who story Genesis of the Daleks).

Also B7: The Movie - a tongue-in-check look at what a B7 movie would be if done in the style of other shows. Plus a look at Oldbury Power Station where several Blake's 7 episodes were filmed.

76 high quality printed pages with a colour cover.

Price 3.99 plus postage.

UK: 4.85, Eur: 5.65, USA 6.95 or $12 cash, Aus 7.15.

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Last changed on 21st of December 2007

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