Main Themes

Who's Who

The characters (and computers and space ships) and who played them - with a picture of each character. Also other roles for Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce and Glynis Barber.

What's What

Miscellaneous facts and figures.

What are fanzines and filks?

Various definitions and background information.

Fanzines and fanzine reviews

Samples, ordering information, contents lists, reviews and recommended stories. Both for Judith's own fanzines and every other Blake's 7 fanzines, this expands constantly as more reviews and contents are provided.

A lot of material has been added here over the last few months, covering most zines by other publishers. Most in print B7 zines are now listed as part of this area, although there must be the odd one that has slipped the net. Information on out of print zines is also being added whenever possible.


Filks about Blake's 7.

Fan Clubs and mailing lists

Information and links to fan clubs, Blake's 7 mailing lists and related material.


Conventions, past, present and future - photos, details, information.

Merchandise and Merchandise Reviews

Reviews of Blakes's 7 merchandise and some ordering information.

Small Ads

- Zines for sale, zines wanted

News about Blake's 7

Current news.

Blake's 7 quizes

Completely revised, three quizes setup now (some you have seen before), lots more will be added soon.

B7 essays

Expositions on whatever topics the writer feels interested in.

A to Z site index

Index to the main parts of this web site.

Other Blakes 7 Links

A list of links to other Blake's 7 material on the Web. This is regularly checked for relevence and existence.

Picture Gallery

This page has a changing display of pictures and artwork.

Guest Book

Sign our guest book. Comments and feedback welcome.

Online Fiction

Links to Online B7 Fiction elsewhere on the web.

Search the site

Search for anything anywhere on the site. Look for a zine, story, author, characters - anything.

Administrative Details

Design principles, statistics, ideas for the future, scripts etc.

Whose site is this anyway

Who, what, where. Personal details of Judith and Richard.

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