Sevencyclopaedia - Measurements

This is a greatly expanded entry from the Sevencyclopaedia. By Murray Smith.

OracAvon said that after 'a week or two' on decontaminant drugs they should all recover.
HorizonVila said, 'What wouldn't I give for a week' at one of the old Federation Rest Centres.
KillerBellfriar said that the degree of biolysis found in the corpse was that got after 'one or two weeks' not hundreds of years.
CountdownDel Grant told Avon that was kept under interrogation for 'nearly a week'.
Avon told Del Grant that he got out of the city 'a week later' after Anna was dead.
GambitKrantor told Servalan that his casino brought him four million credits 'a week'.
Servalan told Jarriere that Travis had been in Freedom City 'weeks'.
AftermathAvon told Servalan that if he teamed up with Servalan to build an empire, he would be dead in 'a week'.
Servalan told Hal Mellanby that the revolt he led took 'more than three weeks' to suppress.
The Harvest of KairosZen said that Kairopan was gathered during the 'first week' following the verbal equinox.
Cally asked Zen why the harvest only lasted 'one week'.
Tarrant said that nobody who stayed after the 'first week' came back to talk about it.
Tarrant told Vila that after 'Two weeks' of settling down, he would be looking for something to break into.
SarcophagusAvon wondered why he got the feeling that Tarrant had been planning putting a party aboard for 'weeks'.
Death-WatchDayna told Tarrant that she hadn't seen him move that positively in 'weeks'.
PowerDayna told Vila that the food they had would last then 'maybe three weeks' if he couldn't open the door of the landing silo.
TraitorDayna said that the Federation had retaken Lubus and Portia Major in 'the last few weeks'.
OrbitVila said that they didn't get offered galaxies every day of 'the week'.
WarlordAvon said that the videocast shown by him was taken on Zondar, 'six weeks' ago.

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