Sevencyclopaedia - Measurements

This is a greatly expanded entry from the Sevencyclopaedia. By Murray Smith.

The Way BackBlake claimed that he had received a vistape from his brother and sister 'only a month ago'.
Vila spoke about the journey to Cygnus Alpha taking a very long 'eight months'.
Space FallRaiker told the prisoners that the voyage to Cygnus Alpha would take 'approximately eight months ship time'.
Blake told Avon that he had had 'four months' to think of a private deal with the ship's crew to fake the running log.
Avon said that 'Three months' with the Federation banking system's computers, he could lift a hundred million credits and nobody would know where they went.
Cygnus AlphaArtix said that after being in space 'eight months' he wouldn't mind stretching his legs a little.
Seek-Locate-DestroyPrell told Travis that a full catalogue of every item in the cipher room could take 'months'.
Mission to DestinyDr. Kendall said that due to the fungal disease, 'In under three months', half the planet was buried in a covering of slimy white fungus.
Avon said that because of the Ortega having no working Ison crystal, its journey to Destiny would take 'approximately five months'.
Sonhiem then exclaimed, 'Five months!'
HorizonBlake asked where they were going to find a Centre that would take them in for 'a month's' rest and rehabilitation.
GambitChenie told Blake, Jenna and Cally that there had been no passenger liners here in 'a month'.
SarcophagusAvon said that once the asteroid's orbit took it back into the perimeter of its sun, they would lose it for 'another three months'.
TerminalBlake said that it would take 'at least three months' before he could start to move again.
Servalan said that in 'approximately three months' Blake should be well enough to move.
Servalan said that with 'some months'' work, her ship could be made spaceworthy.
Servalan said that she and others spent 'months' preparing the illusion of Blake.
StardriveOrac said that the Scorpio's crew's chances of getting to Caspar were one hundred percent better than their chances of getting anywhere else if they didn't obtain a new space drive for the ship within 'three months'.
AssassinNebrox told Avon that the slave auction was only held 'once every three months'.
Nebrox said that Servalan bought one of a group of travelling entertainers brought to the planet 'about two months' ago.
OrbitAvon said that he made the replica of Orac 'a few months' back.

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