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This is a greatly expanded entry from the Sevencyclopaedia. By Murray Smith.

The Way BackJenna told Blake that if he was seeking a 'last minute reprieve' he could forget it.
Maja asked Varon to give her 'one minute' and she would come with him.
Space FallLeylan told Raiker that they had a full spectrum shock wave at scale two 'about ten minutes ago'.
Blake told Avon that he and the others would be ready 'in exactly fifteen minutes'.
Leylan said that he wanted the London's computer fully functional 'in ten minutes'.
Leylan told Wallace and Teague that he would be with them 'in a minute'.
Leylan told Krell that he would withdraw the transfer tube if he heard no signal from him 'within three minutes'.
Leylan then repeated, 'Three minutes!'
Blake told Jenna that she had 'two minutes' to learn how to pilot the Liberator.
Cygnus AlphaArtix reported to Leylan that planetfall would be in 'Forty eight minutes' thirty seconds.
Leylan told Artix that the London would lift of in 'd minus thirty [minutes]'.
Artix replied to Leylan, 'Thirty minutes?'
Blake asked to be teleported down for 'four minutes'.
after Blake had been successfully teleported down, he told Jenna to start counting, and she said, 'Four minutes'.
Jenna told Avon that there was 'still six minutes' left of the hour they had agreed to wait for Blake.
Jenna repeated 'Six minutes' after Avon suggested they leave.
Time Squadwhen Blake asked how long a signal had been registering, Jenna replied, 'Couple of minutes'.
Avon, when asked how long it would take for him to sabotage the limiter settings for the paraneutronic generator, replied, 'Five minutes'.
Avon then almost immediately added. 'I know. Make it two [minutes]'.
Zen said that a single cell from the genetic banks could be incubated into a fully grown adult in 'one point six minutes'.
The WebJenna said that if the ship's speed builds up like this it would be off the scale in 'about twelve minutes'.
Zen estimated that the estimated repair time was 'Eleven point three zero two minutes'.
Zen said that the drive repairs would take 'One point two five minutes'.
Avon reported to Blake that the second flutonic power cell would he ready in 'precisely two minutes'.
Seek-Locate-DestroyBlake told Gan that he had 'one minute' left.
Prell told Travis that 'a minute later' three more of the Liberator's crew appeared.
Prell told Travis that Blake and his people were in the cipher room for 'Five, ten minutes, not more'.
Travis replied to Prell, 'Five or ten minutes?'
Travis ordered that he be told 'the minute' the Liberator started in.
Blake told Travis that he and the others would be leaving him in 'about three minutes'.
Mission to DestinyJenna said that the Ortega was circling 'every two minutes'.
Zen said that at standard by four, Liberator would be in teleport range of the Ortega in 'Sixteen point one four zero nine zero one minutes'.
Zen announced that in 'one point zero three minutes', it would no longer be possible to operate the force wall and main drive simultaneously.
Avon said that he had 'just spent the last ten minutes' in the filter plant.
Zen said that the Liberator would be in teleport range of the Ortega in 'Twenty-three point one six minutes'.
Zen said Liberator would be in teleport range 'three minutes' before the unidentified ship made contact with the Ortega.
Zen said that teleport range with the Ortega would be achieved in 'one minute'.
Blake told the Ortega's crew, Avon and Cally that there was a ship coming up on them fast; they had 'about three minutes'.
Project AvalonBlake said that if all went well, he and Jenna would be back in 'fifteen minutes'.
Vila pleaded, 'now wait a minute'.
Avon said that they would be within the interceptors' range in 'minutes'.
Zen reported that it would take 'thirty seven point zero one minutes' for the Liberator to make a fast turn and return to position.
Gan said, 'Wait a minute'.
BreakdownCally said that she would be back in 'a minute'.
Jenna said that 'One minute' Gan was crying with pain, then he went beserk.
Blake said that he would be with Avon in 'a minute'.
Avon said that the pursuit ships were only 'forty five minutes' away.
Kayn said that he and Renor could complete the operation in 'Twenty five minutes'.
Blake told Kayn to do it in 'twenty [minutes]'.
Blake said that he would return Kayn to the station in 'twenty five minutes'.
Blake repeated his earlier order of 'Twenty minutes'.
Renor said that 'Twenty minutes' was more than enough time to complete the operation.
BountyZen said that the Liberator would be within range of the Star Queen in 'seven minutes'.
Zen told Tarvin that the Liberator would rendezvous with the Federation ships in two hours and 'seventeen minutes'.
Vila boasted that he could open the cell door in 'two minutes'.
Tarvin told the Federation patrol that he would be at the rendezvous point in 'seven minutes'.
DeliveranceServalan was told that she was 'eight minutes' behind schedule.
Jenna said that Zen had located the Spacemaster Series V 'about five minutes' ago.
Zen reported that the Spacemaster Series V had 'six minutes' to impact.
Gan told Vila that for 'a minute' out there, he was actually quite beginning to enjoy himself.
OracJenna told Cally that 'One minute' she was all right, then it came over again.
Ensor told Blake and Cally that an implant operation couldn't be done in 'ten minutes'.
Ensor said that he had 'Thirty minutes' before the existing energy cells ran out.
Blake said 'wait a minute' to Ensor.
Ensor said, 'just a minute'.
RedemptionJenna said, 'Another few minutes' and they would be fully operational.
ShadowBek told Hanna to get Peety to meet him at Launch Grid 6 in 'twenty minutes'.
Bek repeated, 'twenty minutes'.
Bek reminded Janna that he had said, 'twenty minutes'.
Vila told Cally that Blake wouldn't last 'five minutes' in the Delta service grades where he grew up.
Cally told Central control that they had 'six minutes' to release her friends.
Cally told Central control that they had 'five minutes' and fifty five seconds to release her frields.
Cally told Central control that they had 'three minutes' and thirty seconds to release her friends.
Zen said that the flight time to Zondar was 'forty eight minutes'.
Vila insisted on taking 'Five minutes' from manning the teleport.
Vila insisted to Gan that he would only be 'five minutes'.
WeaponJenna said, 'Three minutes'.
HorizonVila spoke about a 'last minute' booking with a Centre.
Zen said that the freighter's planetfall was 'Twenty-three minutes' at present speed.
Gan said that he would call back 'every three minutes'.
Avon told Cally to report back 'every half minute'.
Avon said that the pursuit ships would be here in 'five minutes'.
Avon talked about Blake's 'last-minute' heroics.
Pressure PointCally said that they would be in teleport range in three hours and 'four minutes'.
Blake told Avon and Vila to spend no more than 'five minutes' in the Forbidden Zone.
Cally was told by Blake to transfer Avon and Vila after 'five minutes' anyway.
Avon told Blake to go 'the minute' he gave him the word.
TrialZen said that the Liberator's new orbit would be established in 'six minutes'.
Jenna said that it would be one hour 'fifteen minutes' before Blake's homing beacon activated.
Jenna said that threw were still 'forty-five minutes' before the homing beacon activated.
Zen said that the flight programme would be complete in 'two minutes'.
Zen said that the flight time to the target was six hours and 'four minutes' at present speed.
Zen said that the time to target was 'Fourteen minutes'.
Zen said that the attack run would begin in 'nine minutes' and thirty seconds.
Zen said that they would be seen in 'nine minutes' and twenty five seconds.
Zen said that it was 'Three minutes' before the attack run began.
KillerGambrill told Belfriar that the recovery team should be docking with the ship in 'about twenty minutes'.
Bellfriar joked to Gambrill that in 'twenty minutes' he could be shaking hands with an exomorph.
Tynus said that a small electrical fire would leave the converter unattended for 'about ten minutes'.
Avon said that he would need no more than 'ten minutes'.
Gambrill said, 'Twelve to fifteen minutes'.
Avon said that the thermal pack he planted should be going off 'any minute now'.
Vila told Avon, 'Nearly ten minutes'.
Gambrill said that they should be getting the first test results 'any minute now'.
Avon said that they would be out of here in 'a few minutes'.
Hostagethe Federation Commander told the mutoid to give him the Liberator's position in 'three minutes' at present speed.
the Commander told the lead flotilla that the Liberator would be at a particular grid reference in 'two minutes' twenty three seconds.
the mutoid said that the Liberator would be at the grid reference in 'Two minutes'.
Avon told Vila to talk to the Liberator 'every ten minutes'.
Vila said to Molok, 'Now wait a minute'.
Avon told Vila that they had 'Minutes' before they and Blake ran out of oxygen.
Zen told Jenna that Servalan's pursuit ship's planetfall was 'Fifteen minutes'.
Zen told Jenna that Servalan's pursuit ship's detectors would pick them up in 'Twelve minutes'.
CountdownSergeant Selson told Tronos that the rebels were getting closer 'every minute'.
Tronos told Provine that he would wait 'four minutes' for him to get to the launch area before following him.
Provine repeated Selson's 'Four minutes'.
Voice from the PastOrac said that Blake's eradication therapy would need a maximum of 'five minute' treatment periods interspersed with one hour rest periods.
Vila said that it would be 'Just on thirty minutes' before they arrived at Asteroid PK118.
Jenna said, 'Now just a minute' to Blake.
GambitOrac said that he could reduce himself to an eighth of his actual size without impairing his function for Two hours, 'six minutes'.
in response to Cevedic's observation that Chenie was doing a nice trade these days, she responded, 'Until a minute ago'.
Blake said that he missed Docholli by 'a couple of minutes'.
Docholli told Chenie that he had some friends 'these last minutes'.
The KeeperZen said that the Liberator could be in strike range of the pursuit ship in 'four minutes' ten seconds.
Avon said that they could destroy the pursuit ship and get back 'within ten minutes'.
Zen said that the pursuit ship would be in strike range in 'exactly two minutes'.
Avon said that the pursuit ship would be out of range in 'one minute'.
Star OneJenna told Blake that they would reach Lurgan's co-ordinates in 'Eight minutes'.
Vila said, 'Oh now, wait a minute'.
Cally told Blake that the charges were set to blow in 'ten minutes'.
Cally wondered if 'ten minutes' were sufficient to get the charges onto the surface.
Avon said that they had 'Three and a half minutes' to get the rest of the charges out.
the cruiser Beagle estimated that it would rendezvous in three hours and 'seventeen minutes'.
Flotillas fourteen and sixteen confirmed four hours and 'eight minutes'.
Flotilla seventeen estimated two hours and 'six minutes'.
the battle cruiser Newton reported co-ordinates achievable in one hour and 'seven minutes'.
AftermathDayna said to Avon, 'just a minute'.
Zen told Avon that repairs to the Liberator would be completed in two hours and 'thirty four minutes'.
Avon said, 'Wait a minute'.
Avon said, 'Wait a minute'.
Avon told Dayna to give him 'a few minutes' before she started firing.
PowerplayZen said that the planet Chenga would be within teleport range in precisely three hours and 'eight point five minutes'.
Klegg warned Avon that he had 'five minutes' to come to the teleport section or he would kill Dayna.
VolcanoServalan estimated that units would be in firing range in approximately 'seven minutes' forty seconds from now.
Zen said that it would be 'Two minutes' before the Federation cruisers reached their attack range.
Zen said that the Federation ships had been in range for 'one minute', eight seconds.
Dayna said, 'Just a minute'.
Vila said that the Federation battle fleet had been moving for 'two minutes'.
Zen reported that the energy banks needed 'two minutes' before it had enough power to make navigation speed.
Zen said, 'One minute' fifty nine seconds.
Dawn of the GodsVila said that he would call in 'two minutes'.
The Harvest of KairosDayna said that Vila was told that he would be down in the planet 'Thirty minutes'.
Avon said, 'Just a minute'.
Avon said, 'Just a minute'.
Tarrant sarcastically asked Avon if he could give them his attention for 'two minutes'.
Servalan said that the last Kairopan shuttle was scheduled to leave Kairos at 0815 tomorrow, and link up with the transporter 'five minutes' later.
Tarrant said that they had 'five minutes' before the shuttle and the transporter docked.
Tarrant said that they had 'four' minutes while the Kairopan was transferred.
Tarrant said that they had 'less than twelve' minutes before 'they break orbit'.
Avon told Tarrant that he had 'about two minutes' to get that module launched.
Tarrant told Servalan that she had 'one minute' to hand over the Liberator.
City at the Edge of the WorldVila said that the forcefield would collapse in 'forty five minutes'.
Sherm told Vila that he had 'twenty five minutes'.
Sherm threatened Vila that in 'twenty five minutes' he would need a sense of humour.
Kerril reminded Vila that he had said, 'forty five minutes'.
Kerril said that it hardly seemed worthwhile trying to stay alive 'a few minutes' longer.
Children of AuronFranton said, 'Just a minute'.
Rumours of DeathTarrant said that a 'two minute' alert was difficult to sustain over five days.
the phony squad leader (Balon) told Grenlee that he and his men passed Chesku and Sula 'about, uh, ten minutes ago'.
Orac said that the optimum time for teleport would be in precisely 'one minute' and forty three seconds.
Cally said that it would take 'at least two minutes' to calculate the co-ordinates to put Cally, Dayna and Tarrant back to where they had been taken.
UltraworldVila said, 'Just a minute'.
Avon said, 'Wait a minute'.
Dayna said to Tarrant, 'just a minute'.
MolochOrac said that the T-16 space transporter would be in teleport range in 'one minute' seventeen seconds.
Lector said that the T-16 touched down 'ten minutes' ago.
Vila said, 'just a minute' to Tarrant.
Cally said that to adjust the teleport would take 'twenty minutes'.
Avon replied, 'If they've got twenty minutes'.
Cally said, 'Four minutes'.
Avon said, 'Just a minute'.
Doran said, 'Wait a minute' to Chesil.
Avon said to Cally that they would be ready to teleport in 'two minutes'.
Death-Watchan unidentified voice told Darvid that the champions would arrive in 'about thirty minutes'.
Max told Deeta that he would be able to judge for himself in 'a few minutes' about the neutral arbiter.
Max gave him a message to Deeta from Del, saying that his ship would be due in 'about thirty minutes'.
Max said that he would be back 'in a minute'.
TerminalZen said that the transit time to Disentastra was ninety six hours, 'sixteen minutes', and four point three zero three seconds.
Avon told Tarrant that he would need 'about five minutes'.
Avon read from a console that, today, Blake's life support systems were closed down for 'ten minutes' extra.
'Blake' said that they would be here in 'a few minutes'.
Vila said to Kostos, 'Just a minute'.
RescueTarrnt said that the 'Count [down]' was 'two minutes and running'.
Tarrant later said 'one minute' and forty five seconds.
PowerPella told Vila, while rubbing ointment on his hand, that in 'ten minutes' the pain and the bruise would be gone.
Dayna said that they could have 'even minutes' before the nuclear compression charge went off.
Orac said that the nuclear compression charge would detonate in precisely three hours 'twenty four minutes'.
Tarrant replied, 'Fifteen minutes' to Vila's question on how much further their destination was.
Tarrant told Orac that in 'sixteen minutes' thje base would be destroyed and him with it.
Vila said there were 'Thirteen minutes' left.
Vila said there were 'Twelve minutes!' left.
Vila said there were 'Eleven minutes!' left.
Vila said that there were 'Ten and three-quarter minutes' left.
Vila said that there were 'Nine and a half minutes' left.
Vila said that there were 'Nine and a quarter minutes' left.
TraitorSoolin said, 'Just a minute'.
StardriveAvon said that the regeneration of the damaged part of the hull would take 'about twenty minutes'.
Dr. Plaxton said that she could install her photonic drive in Scorpio in 'Fifty minutes'.
Dayna said that it (the installation) would have to be done in 'forty five' minutes.
Dayna announced, 'Forty four minutes' fifty five seconds and counting.
Dayna later announced 'Two minutes' ten seconds.
Avon told Dr. Plaxton that she had 'One minute precisely' left.
AnimalsJustin said that his fellow scientists were blasted within 'minutes' of taking off.
HeadhunterVila demanded 'just one minute' to be allowed to open the box.
after the retro sequence was complete, Dayna said that Scorpio's orbit should be established in 'four minutes'.
AssassinServalan said to Avon, 'You have one minute'.
Tarrant told Dayna that he still thought she left it to the 'last minute' on purpose.
GamesGambit said that the countdown was 'twelve minutes' twenty seconds and running.
Gambit said, 'Countdown eight minutes, still running'.
Slave told Dayna that the leading Federation ship would be within firing range of Scorpio in 'one minute'.
Gambit said that the countdown was 'five minutes' ten seconds and running.
Vila said, 'just a minute'.
GoldAvon said, 'Two minutes, Keiller, while the gold goes through. Your estimate'.
Tarrant said, 'Wait just a minute' to Avon.
Keiller called the new doctor as a 'last-minute replacement' for the old.
Keiller said to the passengers that in 'a few minutes' he would be giving them the day's itinerary.
OrbitEgrorian said that his autoshuttle would dock with Scorpio in 'six minutes'.
Vila said that they would touch down in 'four minutes'.
Egrorian said that Pinder's arm knitted perfectly after 'a few minutes' in the therapy chamber.
Egrorian said that the shuttle would run out of fuel in 'twenty minutes' from now.
Pinder told Egrorian that there were 'Twelve and a half minutes' flight time left.
Orac reported that the shuttle's elapsed flight time was 'nine minutes'.
Orac said that the shuttle's remaining flight time was 'twelve minutes'.
Orac said that the remaining flight time was 'ten minutes'.
Vila said that it was 'another five minutes' before they hit.
Vila asked, 'How do you spend your last fifteen minutes?'
Egrorian said that Avon and Vila had 'eight minutes' flight left.
Orac said that the remaining flight time was 'five minutes' and forty seconds.
Orac said that they had 'five minutes' left.
Orac said that the remaining flight time was 'two minutes' and thirty seconds.
WarlordOrac said that the two craft picked up would be in orbit range on 'seventeen minutes'.
BlakeTarrant said that flying Scorpio dropped below Slave's tolerance 'a couple of minutes' ago.

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