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This is a greatly expanded entry from the Sevencyclopaedia. By Murray Smith.

The Way Backthe public address system announced that Level 38 walkways would be closed for 'one hour'.
Blake confirmed to Ravella that he had gone without food or drink for 'thirty six hours'.
Jenna told Blake that it would be 'About twenty four hours' before the London took off.
Varon told Blake that with look he would get him taken back to the city detention area with in a 'couple of hours'.
when the public address system told the security personnel that the London's launch was advanced to 17.00 hours Earth Time, Vila said that this was in 'About eight hours'.
Varon told Maja that he would meet her 'in two hours' at Sub 43.
a guard aboard the London gave Blake 'a couple of hours' confinement.
Space FallAtrix said that there was a report of meteorite activity 'about eighteen hours ahead ship time'.
Cygnus AlphaBlake said that 'Four hours' should be enough before he was teleported back.
Gan explained to Blake that he and the other prisoners came down with the Curse of Cygnus 'about two hours' after they arrived.
Jenna said 'An hour' that she and Avon would wait, leaving if Blake was not back by then.
Jenna repeated 'an hour' to wait for Blake.
Time SquadBlake said that they would take a look at the two projectile crew members in 'a couple of hours'.
Blake said that the Saurian day was 'about thirty six hours'.
Blake told Cally that he came with two of his crew 'a few hours' ago.
Vila, when told that a single cell could be incubated into a fully grown adult in 1.6 minutes, said that they could have been up to their armpits in homicidal maniacs 'within the hour'.
The WebSaymon said that the Liberator's crew would need to sustain their maximum power for 'one hundred and sixty hours' to break out of orbit.
Saymon then said that the Liberator's energy cells would be exhausted in 'less than one hundred [hours]'.
Zen told Blake that the standard drive and the auxiliaries could be sustained, at the rate of power loss, for 'ninety hours'.
Zen said that each neutronic discharge would reduce that capacity by 'three hours'.
Geela said that the ray would clear a route through the web that would take 'three hours' to close in again.
Seek-Locate-DestroyZen said that the battle computers estimated 'seven hours' to outrange the interceptor tracking systems.
Blake said that they should be able to outrun the interceptors in 'seven hours'.
Blake said that a lot could happen in 'seven hours'.
Servalan said that Travis was due in Space Command 'one hour ago'.
Travis said that he wanted a complete catalogue of every item in the cipher room in 'twenty hours'.
Travis said that he would take off for the space station in 'one hour'.
Blake told his crewmates that he had his people watch the entrances and exits for 'a full twenty four hours' of the place where the group was going to meet.
Base Commander Escon told Travis that an unidentified ship entered Centero's upper atmosphere 'an hour' before the latter arrived.
Mission to DestinyZen told Blake that it would take one hundred and twenty eight hours' to assimilate all information on Galaxy Class cruisers.
Avon said to the Ortega's crew, 'a couple of hours, you should be able to set off for home'.
Zen said that if the Liberator went around the meteorite storm, estimated flight time of 'eighty-four hours' would increase.
Zen said that the Liberator's estimated flight time, if it went around the meteorite storm, would increase to from 84 hours to 'three hundred and thirty-six hours'.
DuelBlake was told that the recharge time for the Liberator's energy banks was 'Forty eight hours'.
Blake ordered Zen to bring the Liberator into a close orbit of the planet, one that could decay in 'forty eight hours'.
Zen said that at the present level of discharge, the power reserves would be exhausted in 'two point three hours'.
Project AvalonTerloc told Travis that the rendezvous between Blake and Avalon was expected 'within fifty hours'.
Gan reported that a ship came in and docked 'about half an hour ago'.
Travis predicted that Blake would penetrate the Centre within the next 'twelve hours'.
Travis said 'Couple of hours' and it should be all over.
BreakdownCally observed that two tranquilizer pads would flatten any of them for 'about a hundred hours'.
Jenna said that the journey time to Kainessos was 'Six hundred hours'.
Jenna said that the journey time to Overon was 'Three hundred and sixty hours'.
Jenna said that the journey time to Epinal was 'Two hundred hours'.
Blake echoed Jenna, saying, 'Two hundred hours?'
Zen said that the flight time to XK 72 was 'in excess of six hundred hours'.
Avon said that the flight time to XK 72 was 'One hundred and fifty hours'.
Zen then contradicted Avon, saying that the flight time was 'six hundred forty three hours'.
Blake commented about the direct route to XK 72 being 'fifty hours' shorter than the nearest alternative.
Avon said, 'Thirty hours' was the flight time across the zone.
Blake echoed Avon, saying, 'Thirty hours?'
Farron was told that the Federation pursuit ships would be arriving in 'three hours'.
the pursuit ship leader estimated contact with Liberator to be in 'one hour'.
BountySub-Commander Cheney complained that they had spent 'two hours' chasing their tails after a false report of an intruder.
Zen told Tarvin that the Liberator would rendezvous with the Federation ships in 'Two hours' and seventeen minutes.
DeliveranceBlake told Avon that if they hadn't found Jenna in 'four hours', to come back.
Servalan told Travis that in 'twelve hours' she would have Maryatt posted as a deserter.
Blake told Avon and the others that Liberator would be within teleport range in 'about four hours'.
OracAvon said that Blake and Cally last called in 'A little over two hours'.
Ensor said that he had, at the very outside, 'a couple of hours' before the existing cells ran out.
Ensor said that it would be 'five hours' before the force barrier dissipated, time he didn't have.
RedemptionAvon said that he had known 'several hours' where the Liberator was supposed to explode.
Orac said that his circuit clearance and reprogramming would take precisely 'one hour' and thirty- seven point nine seconds.
ShadowBek told Hanna that the launch grew would go off shift in 'an hour'.
Hanna told Bek that Peety didn't need another dose for 'twelve hours'.
Hanna repeated the time, saying, 'At least twelve hours'.
Weaponthe second Blake clone told Clonemaster Fen that he was born 'Five hours' ago.
Zen said that the flight time to the maximum security space zone was 'Fifteen hours'.
HorizonVila spoke about sensory ecstasy 'hours' in a Rest Centre.
Zen said that the freighter's present course would take it into Zone Nine in 'four hours' at present speed.
Cally said that Vila would be sleepy for 'about half an hour'.
the flotilla of pursuit ships told the Kommissar that their planetfall would be in 'two hours' from now.
Pressure PointCally said that they would be in teleport range in 'three hours' and four minutes.
Blake said that in 'three hours' they would be in teleport range of Earth.
Kasabi said that Arle and Berg should have reported back 'hours' ago.
Avon told Blake that the signal from the resistance group was 'over an hour' late.
Blake said that they would wait 'another hour' for the signal.
Travis told Veron that her mother did 'one hour' ago.
Jenna said that it was 'over an hour' since she and Cally were last contacted.
TrialBlake said that his homing beacon would start to transmit in 'thirteen hours'.
Zen said that the land mass would be entirely submerged beneath the oceans in 'two hours'.
Jenna said that it would be 'One hour' fifteen minutes before Blake's homing beacon activated.
Zen said that the flight time to the target was 'Six hours' and four minutes at present speed.
KillerTynus told Avon that 'A few hours ago' their detectors picked up some space debris.
Tynus told Avon that he would need 'An hour' to check the course of the fire, to make sure the malfunction was working.
Tynus said 'ten hours' before Vila and Avon got their hands on the crystal.
Blake repeated, 'Ten hours?'
Tynus sent a message to Servalan that he was detaining the Liberator and its crew for 'ten hours'.
CountdownDel Grant told Cauder that they had 'less than an hour' before the device exploded.
Avon said that the rocket found by them had a capacity of 'about a hundred space hours'.
Blake said that the nearest habitable planet to Albian was 'over five hundred space hours' away.
Cauder told Blake that if he and the others couldn't help, every living being on the planet would be dead within 'hours'.
Vila said that there was a bomb timed to detonate in under 'half an hour'.
Avon told Del Grant that he was unconscious for 'more than thirty hours' after having been shot.
Voice from the PastOrac diagnosed that Blake needed a minimum of 'two hours' eradication therapy.
Orac said that Blake's eradication therapy would need a maximum of five-minute treatment periods interspersed with 'one hour' rest periods.
In the same period Orac said that the minimum time for Blake's rehabilitation period would be 'twenty six hours'.
In the same period Vila observed that they would arrive at Asteroid PK118 in 'Just over half an hour'.
GambitKrantor said that he would have Travis and Docholli for Servalan in 'two hours'.
Avon said that Blake would be 'several hours' looking for Docholli.
Avon said that he and Vila could break the casino and be back aboard the Liberator inside of 'one hour'.
Orac said that he could reduce himself to an eighth of his actual size without impairing his function for 'Two hours', six minutes.
Chenie said that Kline left her place 'an hour ago'.
Chenie told Docholli that there was a Tarantinian planet hopper leaving in 'a couple of hours'.
Jarriere observed to Servalan that it was 'over an hour'; and Krantor should have delivered Docholli by now.
Cevedic promised Krantor that, as soon as it got light, Travis wouldn't survive 'an hour'.
The KeeperBlake ordered Cally and Avon to both come down if he wasn't back in 'six hours'.
Travis asked Servalan to wait 'Three hours'.
Servalan told Gola that she must speak to him alone 'in one hour' in her tent.
Star OneLurena told Stott that she had checked that control circuit 'an hour' ago.
the flagship Galileo estimated that the Galactic Eight Fleet would be at the co- ordinates in 'four hours'.
the cruiser Beagle estimated that it would rendezvous in 'three hours' and seventeen minutes.
Flotillas fourteen and sixteen confirmed 'four hours' and eight minutes.
Flotilla seventeen estimated 'two hours' and six minutes.
the battle cruiser Newton reported co-ordinates achievable in 'one hour' and seven minutes.
AftermathZen told Avon that repairs to the Liberator would be completed in 'two hours' and thirty-four minutes.
Zen estimated that he could bring the Liberator into teleport range in 'Eight hours'.
Avon said that it would be 'a few hours' before the Liberator got to Sarren.
PowerplayAvon claimed that he and Dayna had been sleeping for 'hours' in a cabin.
Tarrant said that there was one distress call that kept coming in 'every hour or so'.
a nurse on the Chengan hospital ship told Cally that they picked up a signal 'a couple of hours' ago.
the nurse told Cally that in 'A few hours' she would be able to take off the regen mask for good.
Tarrant told Klegg that there had been no deviation in the Liberator's flight path for 'more than an hour'.
Zen said that the planet Chenga would be within teleport range in 'precisely three hours' and eight point five minutes.
VolcanoCally said that Tarrant and Dayna had been out of contact for 'an hour'.
Vila said that Avon and Cally should be worried about Tarrant, and not just because he had been out of contact for 'an hour'.
Avon said that if Tarrant and Dayna were not back aboard in 'an hour' he would have to consider the safety of the Liberator as the first priority.
The Harvest of KairosDastor said that Tarrant would arrive in 'Twenty two hours' if present speed and course remained constant.
Tarrant said that the harvest week ended 'twelve hours' ago.
City at the Edge of the WorldBayban told Vila that he had 'an hour' to open the door.
Bayban quoted his mother telling him to treat 'every hour' as though it was his last.
Children of Auronan unidentified voice from Module Six told CA-2 that the first case was 'an hour' ago.
Zen said that the flight time to the planet Kaarn was 'Forty hours' at present speed.
Rumours of DeathServalan said that her other guests would be arriving in 'about four hours'.
Sula said that the second phase would be started in 'two hours'.
SarcophagusAvon mentioned to Cally that she had been shut in her cabin for 'ten hours'.
Tarrant said that the asteroid was 'less than thirty two hours' away.
MolochServalan gave Grose 'an hour' to get his personal effects together.
Grose said that Servalan's ship was his; the flagship of a fleet that grew with 'every hour'.
Death-WatchKarla told Deeta Tarrant that a formal declaration of war was delivered to Teal's council 'an hour' ago.
Karla said that Deeta would be transferred to a military cruiser within 'the hour'.
Tarrant told Dayna and the others that the best strategy option was timed at 'fifty hours'.
Vila said that the declaration of war between Teal and Vandor was 'A few hours ago'.
Deeta told Max that in 'a few hours' a man would try to kill him.
TerminalTarrant said that Avon had been on the flight deck 'more than thirty hours'.
Zen said that the transit time to Disentastra was 'Ninety six hours', sixteen minutes, and four point three zero three seconds.
Tarrant asked Zen for a fast summary of all communications coming into and going out of Liberator within the past 'fifty hours'.
Avon said that he would call in 'every hour' on the hour'.
Avon said that he would call in every hour on 'the hour'.
Avon said that in 'precisely twelve hours' the ship would set course for Calipheron.
Avon said that he would contact them again in 'precisely one hour'.
the console told Avon that, today, Blake's life support systems were down for tem minutes extra, bringing the total to 'three hours'.
'Blake' told Avon that taken off his life support system, he wouldn't survive for more than 'three' or four hours.
'Blake' told Avon that taken off his life support system, he wouldn't survive for more than three or 'four hours'.
Dayna told Tarrant that they had been trying to reach him and Cally for 'hours'.
Zen said that while in zero gravity fixed orbit, the Liberator would remain viable for 'some hours'.
RescueSlave told Dorian that they would make planetfall in 'One hour', according to 'Earth Standard Time'.
PowerPella told Vila that there was a switch on the silo door. When the door was closed, 'every forty eight hours' Dorian must say a code to reset the timing.
when Vila asked if the forty-eight hours referred to by her was 'forty eight hours Standard Time', Pella confirmed that it was 'Earth Standard Time'.
Tarrant said that they didn't know when the base was going up; they could have 'hours'.
Orac said that the nuclear compression charge would detonate in precisely 'three hours' twenty-four minutes.
Vila said that it would leave them 'an hour and a half'.
TraitorQuute was told that Igin hadn't moved for 'an hour'.
Tarrant reported to Avon that they would make planetfall in 'Just over two hours'.
after Tarrant announced that he and Dayna had teleported down safely, Avon ordered him to report again in 'one hour'.
StardriveSlave said that Scorpio's life support capacity was 'One hundred and fifty-five hours'.
Tarrant said that repairs would take 'about an hour'.
Soolin said that at ten thousand frames per second it would take them 'hours' to check every frame of the recording.
Avon said that, with the state of the Scorpio's main drive, they would be within cannon range of the Federation ships 'within an hour'.
AnimalsOrac recommended a test flight, something Tarrant said would take at least 'twenty four hours'.
Vila asked if 'twenty four hours' would kill them.
Avon said that he wanted to lift off 'within an hour'.
HeadhunterVena said that she tried to help Muller relax for 'a few hours'.
AssassinAvon asked Nebrox if he had noticed any unusual activity during the last 'twenty four hours'.
Nebrox told Avon that the woman in charge of the first ship (Servalan) went on board the other ship (Cancer's) and stayed for 'about an hour'.
Tarrant said that the air in the ship would only last 'Not more than two hours', Cancer having shut down life support.
GamesBelkov offered to get Avon, Vila, and Tarrant for Servalan 'within twenty four hours'.
Vila told Avon that he and the others had been trying to contact him for 'an hour'.
Vila said that 'Half an hour' and he could bypass the fingerprint lock.
Avon replied to Vila that they didn't have 'half an hour!'
SandTarrant said to Servalan that if she killed him, she would be dead in half an hour.
Servalan said that it would take her 'about an hour' to return to the ship.
GoldKeiller announced to the passengers that they were 'one hour' into the cruise.
Orac announced that Zerok had ceded to the Federation within 'the last few hours'.
WarlordAvon told Zeeona, after Scorpio's launch, that 'Thirty hours' from now, she should be home.
Dayna told Soolin on Scorpio that Zukan would depart for Betefarl in 'three hours'.
Dayna told Soolin on Scorpio that as Zukan would depart for Betafarl in three hours, it would mean that he was 'thirty two hours' behind her and Avon.
Finn, on Zukan's ship, said that he was glad he wouldn't be in Xenon base 'half an hour' from now.
Tarrant estimated that, after they shut off the life support systems, they would last 'Eighteen', twenty hours without fresh air.
Tarrant estimated that, after they shut off the life support systems, they would last eighteen, 'twenty hours' without fresh air.
Zukan said that Avon had been on Betafarl for 'three hours'.
Tarrant observed that perhaps it would only take 'four hours' or fourteen.
Tarrant observed that perhaps it would only take four hours, or 'fourteen [hours]'.
Finn said that there had been nothing for 'nearly three hours' from the Betafarlians in the base.
a drunken Vila suggested that they spend their 'last few hours' fathoming why a coolant was called paraflame.
Dayna told Avon that they had enough oxygen for 'twelve more hours', at the most thirteen.
Dayna told Avon that they had enough oxygen for twelve more hours, 'at the most thirteen [hours]'.
Avon told those in the base that it would be 'at least twenty hours' before he and Soolin could life them off.
Slave reported that Zukan's position was 'fifteen hours' away.
Avon pointed out to Zukan that those in the base would be dead in 'fifteen hours'.

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