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This is a greatly expanded entry from the Sevencyclopaedia. By Murray Smith.

The Way BackRavella talked about Blake going without food and drink for 'a day and a half'.
Van Glynd, suggested to Dr. Havant that he make himself unavailable for 'a few days'.
Dr. Havant replied to Van Glynd that he would take 'a few days' leave'.
Cygnus AlphaGan explained to Blake that he and the others needed to be treated with the drug 'every day' for the rest of their lives.
Vargas confirmed to Blake that Gan and the others would require the drug 'each day' for the rest of their lives.
Time SquadBlake said that Saurian Major's 'day' was about thirty six hours.
Seek-Locate-DestroyBlake said that Travis had been hiding in the basement for 'more than two days'.
Mission to DestinyBlake said that Liberator could make the journey to Destiny in 'four days'.
Project AvalonBlake said that in a 'couple of days' the Federation would know everything Avalon knew.
BreakdownAvon said that 'One of these days' he intended finding out who programmed Zen.
Renor said to Jenna that he had a feeling that this was going to be 'a good day'.
DeliveranceEnsor Junior told Maryatt that 'Six more days' and they would be at their destination.
Ensor Junior told Blake and Cally that his father, without the energy cells, had only 'a few days' to live.
Pressure PointServalan told Travis that she had waited for 'eighteen days'.
Travis asked Servalan whether Kasabi was worth an 'eighteen day' wait.
KillerVila commented that the drink of Tynus he sampled was all of 'two days' old.
Bellfriar said that the 'three-day sweats' was the common title for the Terran ague.
HostageUshton said that Travis turned up 'six days' ago with men and guns.
CountdownCauder said that in 'less then a day' after a solium radiation device was activated, there is no trace of any radiation.
Del Grant accused Avon of leaving the city 'the same day', before the Federation found Anna.
Voice from the PastAvon said that after 'A few days' conditioned convicted offenders would no longer need the drugs.
Blake told Vila that he would leave the others trapped only for 'a few days'.
GambitCevedic observed of Chenie that she was doing a nice trade 'these days'.
Star OneDurkim told Blake that on Suni, it hadn't rained in 'sixty days'.
Durkim told Servalan that on Vilka, it hadn't stopped raining for 'sixty days'.
Powerplaywhen Dayna said that she should have killed Tarrant and Klegg, Avon remarked, 'We all have our off days'.
VolcanoBershar said that tomorrow or 'the next day' the Liberator's crew would leave.
The Harvest of KairosZen said that with the exception of the 'seven days' following the vernal equinox, the environment was hostile to human life.
Carlon told the guard that today was the 'last day'.
Carlon told the guard that nobody lived after the 'last day'.
Rumours of DeathShrinker said that the homing device implanted in Avon's neck had been sending steadily for 'five days'.
Avon asked if he had been there for 'Five days?'
Tarrant said that a two minute alert was difficult to sustain over 'five days'.
Forres told Grenlee that 'Some days' were better than others.
Grenlee told Forres that you didn't seal the perimeter on 'the day' the President was giving her first official reception in her new residence.
Grenlee repeated Forres's earlier comment that 'Some days' were better than others.
MolochVila commented that they had been following Servalan for 'twenty seven days'.
Vila said that he'd been conned enough for 'one day'.
Death-WatchDayna said that one of 'these days' she would remind Servalan of what she did to her father.
Tarrant said that it would not be one of 'these days'.
PowerCato spoke of ten thousand years' advancement destroyed in 'a day'.
TraitorQuute said to the General that hand-to-hand stuff was not really necessary 'these days'.
the General told Quute that the Wazis Fletch fought against were gill breathers, who would lie dormant for 'days'.
Dayna wondered about Hunda just turning up to meet Leitz at 'this time of day'.
Leitz warned Hunda that his column could expect to come under attack in the next 'few days'.
Hunda said that they blew the reservoirs in the 'early days' of the fighting.
Leitz said that Pylene 50 was only stable for 'a few days'.
Leitz said that the synthesizing plant was guarded 'night and day'.
Servalan told Forbus that she would cut off his drug supply for 'three days'.
AssassinNebrox told Avon that he had arrived on 'the very day' of the slave auction.
Avon reminded Nebrox that he was going to tell him about any unusual activity he'd noticed over the last few 'days'.
GamesVila sarcastically observed that he had had 'A fairly average day'.
Vila spoke about how people dusted for fingerprints in 'the old days'.
GoldVila told Keiller that it was his 'lucky day'.
the pilot of the Space Princess spoke of 'Twelve standard days in this crate'.
Keiller said to the passengers that in a few minutes he would be giving them 'the day's' itinerary.
a drugged passenger wished Tarrant, 'Have a nice day'.
Keiller told the passengers that he had their 'day's' itinerary.
Orac said that, due to Zerok's cession to the Federation, all noted drawn by the Bank of Zerok would be declared invalid 'within seven days'.
OrbitVila said that they didn't get offered galaxies 'every day' of the week.
Egrorian told Servalan that 'Not a day has passed' since then (ten years ago) that he had not yearned for a time when he could repay her trust by laying all the world and the galaxy at her feet.
Egrorian said that one never knew what to believe 'these days'.
Servalan said that Egrorian's realisation was a bit late in 'the day'.
WarlordZeeona said that she didn't think her father believed 'a day' like this could be possible.
Zukan said, 'Another day' to Dayna.
Vila observed that it would take them 'anything up to four days' to dig through the rubble.
Tarrant said that it would take 'anything up to four days' to dig themselves out.
Vila shouted at Tarrant that they didn't have 'four days'.
BlakeOrac reported that a formal application was laid before the High Council on Earth 'within the last thirty days' to return Gauda Prime to normal legal status.
Tarrant commented to Blake that it was difficult to tell who to trust 'these days'.

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