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Angle or arc:


A geometric term, used in astronomy and geography to measure either an arc equal to the 360th part of the circumference of a circle, or the angle it subtends to the circle's centre. It was referred to 16 times in the series:
Time SquadBlake ordered, 'Zen, three sixty degree survey'.
When the Liberator's crew were trying to get the projectile aboard the ship, Avon said, 'Down degree point zero one'.
BreakdownJenna ordered, 'Lateral one eighty', after ordered Zen to reverse thrust at Standard 0.01.
Zen repeated, 'Lateral one eighty'.
RedemptionBlake ordered Zen, 'direct vision three-sixty orbital scan'.
Blake ordered Zen to make a 'hundred eighty turn' at full lateral thrust.
Blake told Zen, 'Activate force wall three sixty'.
VolcanoOrac told Mori that if the attack force came in at 'zero three seven degrees approach' they would find the blind spot in Obsidian's detectors.
The Harvest of Kairos when Zen was asked for a locator fix on the transporter, it said, 'Two two one four. Stationary orbit. Thirty-six degrees. Five-four-steady'.
UltraworldAvon gave Vila an order, 'ninety degrees lateral thrust'.
MolochAvon ordered Zen to give them a scan in a cone of 'sixty degrees'.
Zen said that Sardos was located at course 'zero degrees'.
TerminalAvon ordered Zen, 'Scan, three sixty orbital'.
Avon ordered Zen, 'Scan, three sixty orbital'.
OrbitSoolin said that the ellipse of the shuttle's flight path was 'three degrees lower' than it should be.
Pindar said that the shuttle had deviated from Egrorian's predicted course by 'five degrees'.

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