Blake's 7 Quizes

We will add quizes here on any relevant topic. If you would like to suggest a particular topic please email Judith at

Alternitively you could provide the whole quiz, questions and answers. These exist as a single file in the following style:-

Name of quiz                             {--- should be obvious
Optional description about quiz          {--- can be as long as wanted
This text, as most, can include pictures {--- pictures as GIF or JPEG
1. Question 1                            {--- First line with number
The question can be as long as wanted    {--- And can include pictures
                                         {--- Blank line = end of question
a) Answer 1                              {--- All answers begin with a)
b) Answer 2                              {--- Answers can be as long
continued                                {--- as wanted to next answer
C) This is the right answer              {--- Capital letter
d) Another answer                        {--- up to 26 answers!
                                         {--- Blank line = end of answers
Optional explanation                     {--- This will be given when the
as long as wanted                        {--- correct answer is given
                                         {--- Blank line = end of explanation
2. ....                                  {--- Next question up to 10000+!
0. Ignored                               {--- End of quiz
The prize text and pictures              {--- As long as wanted

The scoring is automatic, and is based on 100 less 5 per wrong answer and less a time element. The "normal" time element allows an average of 5 seconds per question, and then is -1 for every 5 seconds over. For large question, eg pictures this time is extended.

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Last updated on 27th of May 2000.