Alpha Bears by Marian Mendez

Marian Mendez's Web page has many more pictures and details.

All bears lovingly handmade. They are fully-jointed, approximately 12" tall (exact height varies). About $35 each, depending on the detail and costume involved. Other costumes may be ordered; they vary from $10-$25, as some are more time-consuming to make and require more expensive materials than other.

For delivery to England, add $20 to any of the prices. If you want more than one outfit, subtract $25 from the price shown as that price includes the bare bear and his clothes. Blake also has a Gauda Prime outfit, with brown boots & leather belt (no facial scar though).

A wonderful gift for a fan friend! If interested, contact Marian at:
Marian Mendez
3500 E. 9th Lane
Hialeah, FL 33013-3120

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