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Movie Market sell some B7 related photos. Reviewed by Susie W.

I ordered the b&w set sight-unseen just because it was worth taking a chance. There are 8 photos:

1 - 4th season cast shot in the final showdown room. Soolin, Avon, Vila, Tarrant & Dayna are posed together. Looks like they're goofing between takes. Full body. Good focus.

2- 3/4 shot of Servalan with a "yeah, so?" expression and her hands on her hips. She's wearing the dress that's featured on the cover of "Blakes 7: The Inside Story," but it's a different pose, obviously. Must be the Orac episode because there are plants behind her. A little grainy, but a good photo.

3- Full body shot of Kasabi on her knees with Servalan aiming her gun at her. In the woods. Servalan could stand to be burned in a little (photographer talk) since she's a bit washed out with her all-white ensemble. What interesting boots she's wearing! I like the criss-cross design. You can see every wrinkle in Kasabi's jacket.

4- 3/4 shot of Avon in his corduroy vest/tunic thing and his multi-purpose prop tool. Good focus. He looks absolutely bored. He doesn't know yet what great adventures await him...

5- The Liberator. The needles are a bit cut off but all in all it's a decent shot. Hint of blurring suggests it's a motion shot.

6- Full body of Dayna & Tarrant (although feet are cut off) on a craggy hill. ("Volcano"?) She's in the shirred pants and see-thru top and he's in the big vest with the grommets. The wind's blowing and they look mad! They look like they're waiting for someone to either say the shoot is over for the day or call out "Action!"

7- 1/2 shot of Cally and one of Deep Roy's creations. Lord Thaarn - see pg 74 of "The Inside Story." This isn't the best quality - there's much more detail in the book's photograph. However, you can get up close and personal with Thaarn's head blood vessel!

8- 1/2 shot of 3rd season cast in Liberator hallway: Dayna, Tarrant, Avon, Vila & Cally. See pg 91 of "The Inside Story." Grainy but decent photograph. I really like Vila's beard. I have a thing for beards...

I ordered 6 color photos:

1- 1/2 shot of 3rd season cast in Liberator hallway: Dayna, Tarrant, Avon, Vila & Cally. Lower angle and slightly further back than #8 above, but same scene. A tad fuzzy and Cally's eyes are closed. I got it mostly because Vila looks sexy and well, I have to have everything with Avon in it.

2- 3/4 shot of Avon & Soolin back-to-back posed in a garden outside an office building somewhere. Avon's doing his best Travis impersonation and Soolin's obviously watched too much "Charlie's Angels," but it's kinda cute. A tad fuzzy. They look very comfortable together.

3- Full body shot of 4th season cast in front of Slave with Soolin, Vila and Dayna on their knees (Vila has Orac on his knee) and Tarrant and Avon standing behind and next to Vila. Posed shot, obviously. I think they're all sucking on sour lemon drops. Fuzzy focus. Avon's hair looks like a Ken doll's.

4- 1/2 shot of 4th season cast in front of a bluescreen: Dayna, Tarrant, Avon, Vila & Soolin. Same session as the cover shot on "The Inside Story" but everyone's looking at the camera. All serious except Avon who's stifling a smirk. Maybe someone said they weren't going to be paid. A tad blurred.

5- 1/2 shot of the guys in front of a bluescreen: Vila, Avon & Tarrant all holding their guns up either at or toward the camera. A little blurred but fun.

6- Full body shot of 1st season cast on the main deck of the Liberator: Gan, Cally, Blake, Vila, Avon & Jenna. Same session as cover shot on "The Inside Story." A little blurred.

I ordered 4 b&w photos:

1- 1/2 shot of Avon & Jenna. Same outfits and room as in pg. 61 of "The Inside Story" but different pose and close-up. Sharp focus. I like it because you don't see these two together much.

2- 2/3 shot of Avon with gun probably from 4th season because he's so fluffy on top. He's wearing one of his favorite studs & leather ensembles and gosh - his zipper goes all the way... Looks like a posed shot in a studio since there's no discernable background. Sharp focus.

3- 1/2 shot of Avon, Blake & Vila outside during 1st season. Same shot as on pg. 22 of "The Inside Story" but very slightly cropped. Sharp focus. They're sizing up a situation while the wind blows so prettily in their hair.

4- 1/2 shot of Avon in his Liberator chair on flight deck from 1st season. His finger is on the button! He's wearing that goofy purple and black outfit. Looks like denim up close. Good focus.

So there you are. All the photos are 8x10. Generally the b&w's are pretty good but the color's are blurry. These are the kind of photos you'd find at a convention in the dealer area.


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Last updated on 29th of September 2002.