Miscellaneous Merchandise

Marian's bears Marian Mendez

Blake's 7 Bears

All bears lovingly handmade. They are fully-jointed, approximately 12" tall (exact height varies). About $35 each, depending on the detail and costume involved. Other costumes may be ordered; they vary from $10-$25, as some are more time-consuming to make and require more expensive materials than other. A wonderful gift for a fan friend!

I have seen the Blake bear he is lovely and very well made, highly recommended - Judith

Alpha Bears

Original rehersal scripts

Review By Judith

Queen: The Eye

PC computer game featuring the voices of Paul Darrow and Jackie Pearce.

Reviews by Tom Forsyth and Lynne Aitchison

See also the Book written by Paul Darrow about the game - the reviews are also bad...


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Last updated on 18th of May 2006.