Parliament of Dreams

An indepth academic study of Babylon 5, edited by Edward James and Farah Mendleshon and published in paperback by the Science Fiction Foundation.

Articles: Time Past / Time Future: Reading "Babylon Squared"; Space and Tine Out of Joint: "War without end"; The Philosophy of Balance, Reconsider Gender and Heroism; The Shadows out of Time: Lovecraftian echoes in Babylon 5; Shades of Darkness: Shadow and Myth; the Psychological significance of Straczynski's Universe; Every Station has it's Phantoms: Uncanny effects and Hybrid Spaces; Enigineering the future: Building Coherant speculative technologies; Cyborgs and Symbionts: Technology, Politics and Identity; Religion, Philosophy and the End of History; Medicine, Morality and Faith; and Psychopathology and Alien Ethics.

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Last updated on 23rd of March 2007.