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Name=Cheap at Any Price Author=Nicola Mody Sex=000 Season=4,PGP Chars=A,So,B,D,Ta,V, Keys=AU,HC,Angst, HappyEnding=1 Synopsis=After Malodaar, Avon decides he can no longer trust Vila, and cuts his losses. Archive=farsight Where=Story FileFormat=Messy2 Local= TrimTop=Vila TrimBotAfter=think of anything better to do. Cache=1 Split001=

When Vila came round, Dayna had been Split002=

Vila awoke to see Tarrant looking Split003=

They stood, looking down at him. Split004=

Vila huddled in the tiny compartment, Split005=

Vila had found it difficult to sleep, Split006=

"Three million?" Split007=

"So that last one was all right?" Split008=

Later that day, Lenya found Vila and two of Split009=

"Base to Scorpio Split010=

Dayna watched smoke and debris billow from Split011=

Vila jumped nervously from foot Split012=

"Will he be all right?" Lenya asked Pages=13 Size=233266