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Name=Alternative Escape Author=Kathryn Andersen AKA= Sex=000 # Keys=AU,Angst,Hurt/Comfort,Humour Keys=AU,Hurt/Comfort Crossover=Doctor Who HappyEnding=1 #Season valid are PWB,1,2,3,4,PGP Season=PGP # Characters, values are A,B,C,D,G,J,O,Se,Sl,So,Ta,Tr,V,Z # dont include any characters not in this list # only list characters who have a decent part in the story Chars=A,V # Synopsis Write as much as you want, over as many lines as you # want you can put para breaks by leaving empty lines Synopsis=An Alternative Universe PGP crossover, which is an Alternative Universe to Pat Dunn & Diana Smith's Avontrokerdred B7/DW universe; Avon is a Time Lord who was stranded in the Blake's 7 universe as a child, by the Master.

Knowledge required: general knowledge of the 5th Doctor (particularly the episodes Kinda and Snakedance), and the Blake's 7 episode Blake.

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"You don't look the same, father Split002=

In another portion of that space-time, Split003=

The tool box was shoved closer to the wall Split004=

Something was crashing through the jungle, Split005=

"Tell me about Avon, Vila," Tegan asked, Split006=

"You are a confounded nuisance," remarked the Master, Split007=

Avon stirred. Someone appeared to have put a bird's # give string to start at TrimTop=Author's Note: # Give ending string TrimBot= Pages=8 Size=86760