Judith Proctor

I'm a graduate of the University of East Anglia where I studied Environmental Science and Computing and also met my husband. It worked in telecoms for two years before leaving to have my son Kelvin. I'd always intended to go back to work after he was born, but I got attatched to the little rat and couldn't quite bear to leave him in anyone else's hands. However, being a housewife isn't exactly the ultimate occupation for keeping you mentally alert, so I started playing and then running postal games. I was forced to give up the postal game ('Delenda est Carthago' after about eight years as my health was getting too bad to be able to meet regular deadlines that PBM (Play By Mail) demands, so I sold it to Andrew Kearley who continues to run it out of my front room (a polite name for a garage conversion).

I was a perfectly normal Star Trek fan. I was happily buying all the books and had even started writing a Star Trek novel. Then, I had to go into hospital to have my appendix taken out and while I was recuperating, Andrew lent me the entire series of Blake's 7 on video. That was around three years ago, and the rest, as they say, is history. The Star Trek novel never did get finished, but I've written and published vast amounts of Blake's 7 fiction since then.

Publishing keeps me sane. I've got two children at school, so I prefer not to go out to work. (Besides, my health is so dicey, it's a moot point as to whether I could manage most jobs) Fandom has brought me friends all over the globe and publishing is my way of sharing the enjoyment I've had from fandom.

I enjoy fancy dress. I distinctly recall being shy and retiring when I was at school, but it wore off at some point. Now I can walk around draped in studs without blinking an eyelid. If anyone wants a good laugh, (or wants to be able to identify me at a convention) then have a look at the photos.

My other hobbies are folk singing (which gets interrupted when my voice goes - side effect of asthma medication), kite flying (which I don't do nearly often enough), gardening, walking, and chatting to other fans on the phone and the Internet. I hate cooking, but I had the good fortune to marry the son of a domestic science teacher! I write a lot of filk songs as well as stories - on days when I have my voice, I like singing them, on days when I don't, I have to resort to my trusty concertina. (anyone else out there play a D/G Anglo concertina?) .

Lots of pictures of Judith in Blake's 7 Regalia

Judith also makes some Dorset Buttons

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