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I am not an exhibit.

Costumes Exhibition

This is an exhibition of real costumes from Blake's 7 as they are now.

Please note that the fan wearing the costume is not necessarily the person who owns it. I know the current owner of most of these costumes and may be willing to forward a message to them if the costume is required for an exhibition or similar. I will not divulge the names and address of the owners as none of the costumes are currently for sale.

Dayna's season 4 purple and grey original costume (the one with the neck band): As worn from 'Headhunter' to 'Blake'

Original. Soolin's costume.

Replica of Servalan's Costume from xxxx modelled by David Walsh

Original. Avon's costume from Aftermath

Original. Avon's costume from Rumours of Death

Original. Cally's costume from Dawn of the Gods

Original. Avon's costume from Redemption

A trooper and Blake.

Original. Vila's costume from Terminal?

Original. Ro's costume from 'Horizon'

Original. Space Princess guard's jacket from 'Gold'

Original. Servalan's dress from Pressure Point. Modelled by David Walsh

Original. Blake's costume from Horizon

Original. Deeta's costume from Deathwatch

Original. Servalan's costume from Project Avalon?

Original. Thermal suit from Hostage

Original. Avon's costume from Children of Auron?

Original. Tarrants costume from the Blake.

Original. Closeup of Tarrants costume from the Blake.

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