Kathryn Andersen

Regret is part of being alive. But keep it a small part. - Kerr Avon to Cally (Blake's 7: Sarcophagus [C9])


I'm older than Star Trek and younger than Dr. Who.

I'm one of Avon's Sympathetic Kindred Spirits.

You see, I'm INTJ-ENFJ so I channel Avon (and Cally) easily...

Avon Was Not Mad. He was completely responsible for the bad things he did, but I forgive him.

If you make a provocative statement like "well, all of us here are far too intelligent to belive in God" then expect me to disagree vigorously but politely.

I've been in fandom since 1984, and the Lyst since it was started, so I'm an old fogie. I've contributed poetry, stories and art to fanzines, and in 1995 the madness overtook me and I started editing a zine myself. My tastes in SFTV are eclectic, though B7 is my first love. However, I hate B5 with a hatred that only an apostate could summon, for reasons that are too subtle to explain.

I usually go to about one convention a year, sometimes two. My .sig says where I live.


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