Blake's 7 Ringtone for Nokia Mobiles
By Nanette Hooker

4g1 4#c2 4d2
4f2 8e2 2e2 4c2
4d2 4f2 8e2 2b1
4c2 4d2 4f2 8e2
2e2 4g2 4f2 4e2
8d2 2b1 4- 4f2
8e2 2e2 8d2 8e2
8g2 8f2 4e2 8d2
2a1 4- 4e2 8d2
2d2 4f2 4e2 4d2
8c2 2c2 4- 4d2
4#d2 4d2 4d2
8b1 2c2
[above notes = 48 Nokia, Nokia 3310 max = 50]

Additional notes should be
4- 4d2 4b1 4c2 2c2

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