Writing for Fanzines

Material Wanted

Details of zines from many suppliers that are looking for new material.

Writers Guidelines

Some guidelines on how to make the editor's life a little easier.

Theme vs Plot

Biographic Backgrounds to the Characters

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Quick and Dirty Guide to Fanzine Publishing

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Zine Layout

How to place art in zines, and to get the layout looking good.

How to write your first B7 fan-fic By Harriet Bazley.

The Book of Zines web site

Includes an ezine and zine resource guide with links to more than 100 zine resources, interviews with and advice from 65 zine editors, a list of zines they recommend with ordering addresses, selections from the anthology and a comprehensive guide to doing your own zine and e-zine. There is also an article "How to Publicize Your E-Zine" which might be helpful to list members.

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