This zine is now out of print.

A Blake's 7 fanzine


Contents (with the start of each story):

Trial - by Judith Proctor

Avon is charged with computer crime on an independent world. Does Blake believe him to be innocent or guilty?

The Ultimate Slash Story - by Jean Graham

A humorous parody of all those stories in which everyone seems to be sleeping with Avon. (Guaranteed to contain no explicit sex whatsoever.)

Fugitives - by Andrew Kearley

Follows Travis and Docholli on their way to Freedom City, and clears up an amazing number of plot loopholes from 'Gambit' in the process.

Ambitions - by Louise Rutter

A short Anna Grant story set shortly before 'Rumours of Death'.

A Step Between - by Jean Graham

Vila and Tarrant both learn a little bit more about each other after Cally's death.

Hunter - by Neil Faulkner

A novella length story with a strong flavour of "Alien". Liberator answers a distress call, and before long, the crew members are fighting for their lives against an intelligent and deadly opponent.

Gauda Prime - An Alternative Ending - by Andrew Down

Avon suspected a set up, but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine this kind of a set up.

Slip To Black - by David R.Sanderson

Servalan has Avon after Gauda Prime, but the man she holds isn't the same as he used to be.

Shane - by Judith Proctor

After Gauda Prime, Avon swore he'd never kill again. Years later, he ends up on the small agricultural world of Hollerith where he meets the clone of the man he killed on Gauda Prime. Blake needs help. Can Avon give that help without losing the fragile peace he has gained?

Artwork by Kathryn Andersen, Leah Rosenthal, Will Blight and others

Star Two is an A5 photo-reduced zine. It has 144 pages and over 69,500 words.

This zine is out of print.


Editor: Judith Proctor
Publisher: Waveney
Date: October 1994

Judith Proctor, "Trial" (S1)
Jean Graham, "The Ultimate Slash Story" (S2; O/Z; humor; reprinted with slight revisions from Avon's Gadget Works)
Andrew Kearley, "Fugitives" (S2)
Louise Rutter, "Ambitions" (S3; Anna)
Jean Graham, "A Step Between" (S3; reprinted from Threads Through Infinity)
Neil Faulkner, "Hunter" (S3)
Andrew Down, "Gauda Prime-- An Alternative Ending" (alt-S4; humor)
David R. Sanderson, "Slip to Black" (S5)
Judith Proctor, "Shane" (S5; A-ocs)

"Meet the Contributors"
Judith Proctor, "Editorial"
Zine ads

Judith Proctor, "Wolf"
Judith Proctor, "Tiger"

Will Blight front c. Liberator
Kathryn Andersen p. 2 B
p. 7 A
p. 112 Se
p. 118 A
back c. B
Leah Rosenthal p. 9 A-wolf; illo for "Wolf"
p. 11 Tr1-Tr2 cartoon
p. 35 Ta-tiger; illo for "Tiger"
Andrew Kearley p. 14 Tr2, Docholli
Les Jones p. 40 Ta-D
p. 75 V; illo for "Hunter"
p. 95 D
p. 105 C; illo for "Hunter"

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