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Editors: Susan Clarke and Joanne Keating
Publisher: R. & S. Clarke (Faulconbridge, N.S.W., Australia; authorized North American reprint by Bill Hupe)
Date: 1987

xBryn Lantry, "Light Years to Dark Years" (S1, Spacefall)
Y. S. Hintz, "Cantabri Tales: Jenna's Story: Fancy's Flame Pearl; Gan's Story: A Personal Tale; Vila's Story: Fortune Lost; Blake's Story: Shawdie; Cally's Story: Different Tunes; Avon's Story: Moving Parts" (S1-S0)
Gail Neville, "Requiem for a Rebel" (sequel to "So Long as They Fear" in LODESTAR #3; S0; D)
Cathy Lynn Goodwin, "A Longing for Journey's End" (S2)
Leah Rosenthal & Ann Wortham, "Suit Yourself" (Bizarro Seven universe; S2; humor), also in OF DREAMS AND SCHEMES #5 (mm), reprinted in THE BIZARRO ZINE #4
Monica Mitchell, "Tarlalin: A Movement in the Shadows" (S5; daughter of Tr)

Susan Clarke and Joanne Keating, "Editorial"

Y. S. Hintz, untitled riddle poem
Ruth Waters, "In Pacem, Avon"

Tricia Ostwald front c. "Nemesis" (Tr2-B)
back c. S1 crew
minds-i-view p. 2 A-Anna
? p. 3 Tr2 w/ teddy bear
Linda Cox Chan p. 4 J
p. 12 A-ocm; illo for "Light"
p. 20 G-B-J-ocms; illo for "Light"
Yvonne Hintz p. 25 Liberator: tp for "Cantabri"
p. 29 J; tp for "J's Story"
p. 33 G; tp for "G's Story"
p. 39 V; tp for "V's Story"
p. 44 B; tp for "B's Story"
p. 49 C; tp for "C's Story"
p. 55 A; tp for "A's Story"
Tracy Hamilton p. 43 V
p. 54 A
p. 88 B-ocf; illo for "Longing"
Kathryn Andersen p. 82 B
p. 131 Se
p. 139 Se
p. 146 Se
p. 153 "Tarlalin" (ocf)
p. 163 "Lanat" (ocf)
p. 172 "Orac"
p. 176 Se-ghost of Tr
Bernice Cuffe p. 94 C
p. 106 A
Leah Rosenthal p. 114 cartoon illo for "Suit"
p. 118 cartoon illo for "Suit"
p. 124 cartoon illo for "Suit"
Nola Frame p. 128 cartoon
Monica Mitchell p. 129 Se-ocf; tp for "Tarlalin"

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