(mixed gen, adult, and slash)
Editors/publishers: Paula Robinson and Steve Rogerson
Date: 2001
Format: A4, 39 pp. including cover, yellow paper front cover with clear plastic overlay, black card back cover, black tape binding

Fiction (all by Paula Robinson and Steve Rogerson unless otherwise noted):

"Purple Prose" (1 p.; B7 fandom; Steve/teddy bear; humor)

"Light at the End of the Tunnel" (2 pp.; S1, post- Deliverance; J/V, past G/V; humor)

"Jailbreak" (5 pp.; S2; A/B, uc V/Avalon; humor)

"Everything New" (2 pp.; S2; J/V; humor)

"Jenna's Baby" (4 pp.; S4-S1; past J/Z; humor)

"Blake's Se7en" (gen; 6 pp.; alt-S2)

"The Party" (gen; 4 pp.; S2, post-Horizon)

7 X 7s (49-word short-shorts)

Paula Robinson, "Alternative Orbit" (gen; S4, alt- Orbit; A)

Steve Rogerson, "Hairball" (S4?; SW/Discworld crossover; Chewbacca-Og-Librarian)

"Playing Home and Away" (3 pp.; S3; A/C, B/C; humor)

Paula Robinson, "Manipulation" (gen; 2 pp.; S4)

Steve Rogerson, "Soul Mates" (S4; 3 pp.; G/Og)


"Mine's a Pint" (editorial)
ad for Redemption con
"Glossary for Playing Home and Away" (taken from The Big Book of Filth)

Art (all cartoons):
cover Paula & Steve down the pub
p. 5 Steve/teddy bear (illo for Purple Prose)
p. 7 J/V (illo for Light)
p. 9 A-B (illo for Jailbreak)
p. 14 O-Z (illo for Everything New)
p. 18 J-O (illo for Jenna's Baby)
p. 23 death of A (illo for Blake's Se7en)
p. 27 C-V (illo for The Party)
p. 32 Ta (illo for Playing Home)
p. 36 A-Og (illo for Manipulation)
p. 37 G (illo for Soul Mates)

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