Deliverance 98 Souvenir Brochure

Review by Julia Jones.

Nicely produced souvenir brochure from the Deliverance 98 con. There's assorted blurb about the con itself, plus a tribute to Terry Nation, but the material likely to be of interest to anyone considering buying it now is the collection of photos and background information about the con guests - in essence the first series main cast, plus a fair number of the production crew. The photos are more or less current at the time of the con, often the guests' own publicity photos. The printing quality is excellent, with the cast photos at 3.5x5 inches and the crew photos at smaller sizes down to 2x2.5 inches. This is a relatively cheap way to get a good collection of photos. A lot of people at Deliverance were using the brochures as autograph books, and they're still a nice way to collect autographs. Excellent value for money if the contents interest you.

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Last updated on 21st of January 2003.