Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

I knew that =Teleport= #2 existed but hadn't actually seen the zine. Here it is at last, along with #1 again for reference.


Editors: Sonny Allison Collins and Anna Kozlowski
Publisher: Blake's 7 Fan Club of Victoria (Australia)
Date: 1982
Format: A4, 60 pp.

B7 fiction:
Michael Clark, "Gravestone for a Telepath" (S3)

Moira Dahlberg & Victoria Wurth, "Anomaly" (late S3; reprinted from THE STAR CHANGE (AU, 1982)

Moira Dahlberg, "What?" (S3; real world crossover; PD on Liberator; reprinted from STANDARD BY SEVEN #11 [UK, 1982.4] and THE STAR CHANGE [AU, 1982])

[Moira Dahlberg ?], "Thoughts... Avon... after 'What?'" (sequel to "What?"; S3)

Non-B7 fiction:
Mary Celeste, "Mary" ("based on 'The Lost Islands,' after the last episode")

B7 poetry:
Anna Kozlowski, "Blake's 7 Parody Prayer"
PHOENIX, "I Am Sorry I Failed" (Z)
Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Vinni (Revelations)"
PHOENIX, "Message to Death"
PHOENIX, "Lost Souls"
Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Poem (Based on Weapon)"
Monica-Marie Mitchell, "The Killing Game" (S3, Deathwatch; Deeta)
Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Bottle of Loyalty" (S2, Trial)
PHOENIX, "People Disappear Every Day"

Non-B7 poetry:
PHOENIX, "Non Existance"
PHOENIX, "Running Silent" ("dedicated to 'Silent Running'")

Michael McGann front c. Se
p. 4 V
p. 6 Ta
p. 24 Liberator
p. 25 J
p. 26 Liberator
p. 27 monster w/ gun
p. 29 spaceship
p. 32 Se, troopers
p. 33 spaceship
p. 34 Enterprise
p. 36 Tr
p. 39 alien creature
p. 53 C
p. 55 spaceship
p. 57 Liberator in battle
Michelle Kavazos p. 9 A
p. 16 V
p. 19 C
p. 23 scene from opening of Rumours

p. 30 J, B, C, A, V, logo
p. 31 troopers
p. 46 B
p. 48 "The Death of Anna"
p. 51 A
Sakura Allison p. 21 C-D
p. 35 Se
Sonny Allison Collins p. 38 bottle
PHOENIX p. 14 trooper
p. 56 spaceship

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