Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

Here's another Australian oldie. I know there was at least one more issue, but I haven't seen it. Would love to hear from anyone who has!


Publisher: Blake's Rebels Productions (Blake's 7 Fan Club of Victoria, Australia)
Date: 1980
Format: A4, 60 pp.

Sonny Allison Collins, "Miracles Never Cease" (S3)
Sonny Allison Collins, "The Skyling" (S3)
Sonny Allison Collins, "Malediction" (S3)
Sonny Allison Collins, "One White Feather" [missing from the copy I viewed]

PHOENIX, "The Federation," "Blake," "Cally," "Jenna," "Orac," "Zen," "Vila," "Gan," "Avon," "Servalan," "Travis," "The Liberator"

Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Space of a Second" (S3, Children; Se)
Sonny Allison Collins, "Afterthought" (fan after Terminal)
PHOENIX, "The Haunting Smile" (A)
Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Avon's Thoughts-- On Hearing of the Death of Blake" (S3, Terminal; A)
PHOENIX, "Two" (A-V)
Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Cally's Cry" (S3, Children; C- Zelda)
Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Deeta" (S3, Deathwatch; Ta)
Monica-Marie Mitchell, "To Servalan" (S3, Terminal; Se)
PHOENIX, "It's the Life" (V)
Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Soliloquoy" [sic] (V/Kerril)
PHOENIX, "Under Sufferance" (fans)
Anna Kozlowski, "Memories of Anna" (S2, Countdown; A)
PHOENIX, "Wildfire Love" (original?)
PHOENIX, "Tarrant," "Dayna"
Sonny Allison Collins, "The Last Step"
Sonny Allison Collins, "Words" (original)
Anna Kozlowski, "Anna's Dying Thoughts"
PHOENIX, "Far Away Love" (original)
Sonny Allison Collins, "A Memory Called Yallourn" (original)

"Teleport Station, from the Editors"
[BBC information:] "The Federation," "Blake," "Cally," "Jenna," "Orac," "Zen," "Vila," "Gan," "Avon," "Servalan," "Travis," "The Liberator," "General Notes on Blake's Seven," "Tarrant," "Dayna"

p. 3 dome, Fed logo
p. 4 B
p. 5 C, Liberator
p. 6 J, planets
p. 7 O, Z
p. 8 V, G
p. 9 A
p. 10 Se
p. 11 Tr2
p. 12 Liberator
p. 14 A
p. 20 troopers
p. 24 Liberator
p. 27 V
p. 35 landscape; illo
p. 36 Liberator
p. 37 Ta
p. 38 D
p. 44 illo for "Malediction"
AMUAO p. 39 borders
Michelle Kavazos pp. 48, 49 [missing]
Sonny Allison Collins pp. 52, 53, 55, 57, 58, 59, 60 [missing; illos for "One"?]

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