Review By Carol Mc

S.L.Y.G.O. is a new B7 zine from New Zealand B7 fan Jann Johnson. Jann doesn't have Internet access or much contact with the rest of the fandom, but she clearly loves the series, and that love shows in this production.

It's not the slickest zine on the market. The writing is rough in spots, and there are numerous typos and other errors. But the storytelling includes interesting ideas and developments, and some refreshingly different, but logically conceived, slants on the characters and events in the series. The novella is a sequence of six stories that focus on "an alternative to the origins of Pylene 50, and an insight into Tarrant's life before, during and after the 'seven'." Each section is an independent story within itself, but the sections also tie together; facts presented in one are relevant to other segments.

Story two has some particularly good writing. Jann creates a spine-tingling atmosphere that I've not seen equaled in other pieces of fanfiction. Later segments contain deft presentations of character and dynamics that I don't want to get into for fear of spoiling the story, but I appreciated the care that went into the relationships. And I'm looking forward to the promised sequel. Working with less than the best technology, Jann put together a neat-appearing zine. It's A5 size with perfect binding and a plastic cover. The unnumbered, inside pages are simple, one-sided photocopies, dark type and an easy to read layout and font. The zine is twice as thick as it need be--I assume that's because Jann didn't have access to double-sided photocopying--but priced so low that fans shouldn't have cause to complain over the excess white space. The cover is an attractive composite that includes a lovely Tarrant in his Federation uniform. And there is a Dayna illustration on the inside of the back cover. Art is by Jann and by Karnael Heru Er.

The zine is $6 cash for US orders. I'm afraid I don't have prices for other countries. Interested individuals will have to S.A.S.E. Jann for that information.

Orders and inquiries: Jann Johnson, Faw Paws Press, 82 Clifford Road, Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand

"Cert 15: Contains offensive language and mild sexual references."


S.L.Y.G.O. (novella by Jann Tarrant Johnson; S0-S5; Ta)
Publisher: Faw Paws Press (Wellington, New Zealand)
Date: [early 1999]
Format: A5 digest; [77] unnumbered, one-sided pp.; white paper front cover with clear plastic overlay, slick red card back cover, black tape binding

J. T. Johnson cover Ta, illo
p. ? So, illo
Kamael Heru Er final p. D, illo

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Last updated on 17th of December 2000.