A change in my work means that I can no longer handle the printing and sales side of zine production. Fortunately, Judith Proctor agreed to take over on future print runs. As Judith's policy on adult art is stricter than mine, we decided that the simplest way to handle it would be to remove all adult art from future print runs of the existing zines. The gen art only copies are clearly marked as a second edition. The first edition of Tales 1 has now sold out, and there are no plans to reprint it. - Helen Patrick

Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

You've already seen the basic list of contents, but here it is in full with my usual annotations. What a zine! Full of fun stuff, and some serious goodies too. My favorites include Linda Norman's stunning Servalan monologue, "Pandora's Box" (have your gen-only friends read this one-- it's really, really good and I think it's a prospect for "best gen story"); Alison Page's "2,000,0001 B.C." (er, isn't there an extra zero in there?); the story of Bomber the Space Rat and his true love; and CaeVye's "Avalon," in which both Avon and Servalan find themselves trapped in Tarrant's body. Not to mention all the juicy smut!

I have a few questions. What were the stories first published in paper zines? I couldn't identify them. Linda N., is "Blake's Seven Go Camping" a parody of a particular work-- something by Enid Blyton, perhaps?-- or just a general stylistic parody?

And what do other people think is going on in M. Fae's bizarre short-short, "Hammer House of Horror"? Someone (presumably Avon, presumably PGP) painstakingly repairs poor Slave, and it then turns out that Orac was hidden within Slave. But she said it was an Oblaque story, so is there some kind of kinky sex involved???

I remembered all the hairy het stories, but I had forgotten there is a leafy het one too-- the very strange dream sequence in which Dayna is ravished by the topiary bear!

The zine is beautiful to behold, and I am just stunned by the quality of the copying of the artwork. I have to look at those pages with my glasses off (the equivalent of looking through a very strong magnifying glass, for those of you with normal vision) to see that they are indeed copies and not original pencil drawings.

I recommend the zine to everyone here, either as a happy reminder of fun things you already saw here, or, for newer members, a sampling of what's gone on in the past. There's lots of variety-- definitely something for everyone-- all very elegantly presented. Congratulations on an excellent zine, "Helen"! I'm already looking forward to Vol. 2.


TALES FROM SPACE CITY (mixed gen, adult, and slash)
Editor/publisher: Helen Patrick
Date: October 1998
Format: A4; 136 text pp. + [4] pp. ads + [12] onesided illo pp., incl. one in full color; full-color cover with clear plastic overlay, white card back cover, white tape binding

Catharine Roussel, "Derek" (gen; S0; A-A's brother)
Vanessa Mullen, "Night" (S1?; uc A/B)
Predatrix, "MSWank 5/0" (S1?; uc Se/Tr; humor)
Helen Patrick, "A Trifling Affair" (originally published as "Boots and Cream" in webzine ORACnid; S1?; A/B)
Linda Norman, "Blake's Seven Go Camping" (AU S2; children's book parody; A/V, C/J, A/B, B/Tr, C/J/Se; humor)
Vanessa Mullen, "Impossible" (S1, post-SLD; Se-Anna, A/Anna, A/B)
Vanessa Mullen, "Gamble" (S2; A/B)
Predatrix, "Automatic Reactions" (S2?; A/B)
Julia Henry, "Red Leather and Silverleaf" (S2; A/B)
Ivor Brian Gunn, "Trigger Happy" (S3; C/D)
Cami, "A Snippet by Cami" (gen; S3; A-O; humor)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Orac and the Art of Programming" (S3; A/C)
Vanessa Mullen, "Forfeits" (S3; D/V)
Vanessa Mullen, "Dream" (S3; dream A/B)
M. Fae Glasgow, "Hammer House of Horror" (S5?; Sl-hc?, O/Sl?)
Vanessa Mullen, "Comfort" (S3; S2, post-Countdown; implied A/B)
Steve Rogerson, "Snippet" (S3, pre-City; Ta/V)
Sandy Stein, "End Thoughts" (gen, but violent; S3, Rumours)
Cami, "Delirium" (S4, Rescue; Ta/Link [sex of Link unknown])
Steve Rogerson, "A Cockpit Tale" (S4; D/Og)
CaeVye, "Avalon-- the Silly Version" (S4; A/Se/Ta)
A.A.L., "That Word Beginning with 'C'" (S4, pre-Orbit; A/V)
Andrea, "Premise" (S4; A/B)
Aurora Rowan, "Comp Tech" (gen; alt-S4, alt-Blake; humor)
CaeVye, "Godot 7" (serious parody of Waiting for Godot; S5; A/B)
Linda Norman, "Pandora's Box" (S5; uc A/Se)
Linda Norman, "To See Ourselves" (S5; ocms, A/Se)
Steve Rogerson, "Continuum" (S5; A/B)
Christabel and Vanessa Mullen, "Dome Cycle Lament" (assorted alternate endings for M. Fae Glasgow's "Dome Cycle;" S5; A/V, A/B, B/V, B/A's mum, V/Christabel, A/B/V menage; humor)

The Anniversary Parties
Twisted Sister, "Which Way: Blue" (AU S4; So/Ta, implied A/So, D/Ta)
Twisted Sister, "Which Way Story-- Gan Gets Some" (AU S4; A/G, implied G/So, G/Ta)
Labor Day Party-- 1997
Susan Cutter, "Dreams" (S?; oc; intro for party stories)
Susan Moore, "Dreams: Giving" (S?; ?f/?m)
Susan Cutter, "Sunday's Dream" (gen; S1, Spacefall)
Airan Wilkinson, "Dream" (gen; S0; J)
Vanessa Mullen, "Dream" (S1?; A/B)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Speaking to the Subconscious" (S1?; B/J)
Alison Page, "2,000,0001 B.C.: A Blake Odyssey" (gen; prehuman AU)
Steve Rogerson, "Jenna's Dream" (S2; dream J/Chewbacca)
Noah Sassenach, "Wet Dreams" (S1?; dream A/C, dream A/B) Jenner, "Dream" (?/?m)
Pat Fenech, "Love and Other Enigmas" (gen; S1; B, C, V, G, J, A)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Tarial Dream" (gen; S2; O)
Arachne, "Dreams" (gen; S2?; V)
Steve Rogerson, "Servalan's Dream" (gen; S1 or S2; Se)
Sandy Stein, "Addictions" (gen; A-D)
Alicia Ann Fox, "Del..." (S3; C/Ta, D/Ta)
Sandy Stein, "Afterdreams" (S3; uc A/C)
Deneb, "Why Should I Dream of You?" (S3, post-Rumours; dream A/Anna)
Carol K., "Dream" (S3; dream A/B, dream A/Se, dream A/C, A/Ta)
Sandy Stein, "A Dream of Peace" (S3?; dream A/B)
One of Those Damn Lurkers, "Everyone Needs Someone to Love" (S4; Bomber the Space Rat/Goldwing 2000 Jr. Space Chopper)

Susan Cutter, "A Dream" (S4; dream implied A/So, dream implied A/D, dream So/ocs, dream D/topiary bear)
Susan Cutter, "Another Dream" (S4; Ta/Zeeona)
Noah Teuchter, "Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes" (S4, post-Orbit?; dream A/B/C/D/G/J/So/Ta orgy, dream A/V)

Sandy Stein, "Nightmare" (gen; S5; A-hc, A-B)

Various Perpetrators (Orac, Andrea, Malissa, Misha, Alicia Ann Fox, Steve Rogerson, Tom Forsyth, Ellie, Deborah, Susan, Cami, Twisted Sister, Calle, Alara, Helen, Sandy, Harriet, Robert, Christabel, Alison), "The Black Round Robin" (script; AU; A/Susan, A/Ta, G/Ta, C/Ta, A/C, V/Avalon, C/V, implied D/V, implied D/Og, B/J, A/B, implied J/V, implied B/V, A/Og, Andrea/Tom Paris; humor)

"Technical Details"
Helen Patrick, "Editorial, or, 'How the hell did I let myself be talked into this?'"
"BUARA" (humor)
Tom Forsyth, "Kippers" (non-B7 humor)
M. Fae Glasgow, "Avon Rules!" (humor)
Various (Christabel, Alicia Ann Fox, Tom Forsyth, Lorna), "Alicia's Having Trouble with Furniture" (non-B7 humor)
Alicia Ann Fox and Helen Patrick, "Hypnotist" (humor)
Tom Forsyth, "Phoning Roosters" (sex info, humor)
"Dream Statistics," compiled by Susan Cutter, using Catherine Roussel's index

Nicola Collie, "Haiku"
Susan Cutter, "A Visit from Saint Nick" (written for Christmas 1996; parody; humor)
Vanessa Mullen, "Red Roses" (f, Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?; for Red Rose con, July 1998)
Susan Cutter, "Santa Does Space City" (written for Christmas 1997; S4; D/So/V/Santa orgy, implied A/Ta; humor)
Tom Forsyth, "Time Distort" (f, Time Warp; S3-4; orgy; humor)

Judith Proctor, "Redemption Filks" (written for Redemption con, to be held February 1999): "Take the Last Train to Ashford" (f, Take the Last Train to Clarksville), "I'm a Redeemer" (f, I'm a Believer)

Art, all by Val Westall:
cover A/B, color
facing p. 5 A in Spacefall, color
facing p. 12 nude A in boots; illo for "Trifling"
facing p. 21 A/B; illo for "Gamble"
facing p. 27 A-B
facing p. 34 A/B; illo for "Red Leather"
facing p. 51 A/B; illo for "Dream"
facing p. 68 nude A; illo for "Premise"
facing p. 77 A-Se; illo for "Pandora's Box"
facing p. 97 A/C; illo for "2,000,0001 B.C."
facing p. 111 A/Anna; illo for "Why Should I?"
facing p. 118 Ta/Zeeona; illo for "Another Dream"

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