Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

A Touch of the Irish is an amusing little bit of fluff, with a standard fourth-season plot enlivened by an old friend of Vila's-- female, and presumably with good legs-- who behaves suspiciously like a leprechuan. It's a Mary Sue, but a cute Mary Sue. There's some nice snappy dialogue. Sample, from p. 3:

Vila: Would you settle for a severe reprimand? We won't do it again, honest... on my honour...

Servalan: I didn't know you had any.

Avon: Well now, Commissioner, how would you recognise it if he did?


(play by Narrelle Harris and Shayne McCormack; S4; ocfs; humor)
Editor: Shayne McCormack
Publisher: R & S Publications (Faulconbridge, NSW);
authorized reprint by Bill Hupe Date: [1984; originally published together with CHRONICLES #15]
Format: A4, [2] + 43 pp.; Hupe reprint has white card covers, side staples

"Erin and Vila's Song to Servalan" (f, My Favorite Things; a slightly revised version is in VOICES FROM THE PAST)

? cover "Erin and Kara"

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