Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

Apparently =The Star Change= also had additional stories that were published separately later and were intended to be added to the zine (I think the original was put together with paper fasteners, so that would have been easy to do). However, I don't know how many of those there were. A story in =Chronicles= #17/18 says it came from =The Star Change=, but it isn't in the table of contents of the original zine, so I'm guessing that it was one of the additions. I also have a story, "Not with a Whimper," that was in an inch-thick stack of photocopies I picked up for $1 at Eclecticon and is marked "Star Change Additions." (The other stories in the stack appear to be from old mutimedia zines like =Airwaves=; I'm still sorting them out.)

"Not with a Whimper" is very interesting because it's only the third story I've read that pairs Vila and Servalan. It's gen, with smut-eating asterisks, but it's a very interesting comparison to the other two Se/V stories I can recall: an amusing tale of mistaken identity by Lorna that was in an issue of =Gambit=, and an angsty PGP by Barbara Tennison that was in an Ashton Press zine-- a =Southern Seven=, I think. I can't say much about this story without giving too much away, but it's an alternate third season, very downbeat, and Vila definitely has the upper hand-- an interesting comparison to the other two stories, in which the pairing was a more or less equal one, and Servalan was in control, respectively. I thought it was quite good.

So, has anybody seen any more of the Star Change Additions?


THE STAR CHANGE and Other Stories
Author/editor/publisher: Moira Dahlberg
Date: [not given; ca. 1983]
Format: A4, 108+ pp.

Fiction, all by Moira Dahlberg: "The Star Change" (S3)
"The Nova Taryl" (S3; A; reprinted from CHRONICLES #4)
"Anomaly" (S3; later reprinted in TELEPORT #2)
"Second Chance" (S3; A's sister Kera; reprinted from CHRONICLES #6)
"Escape Velocity" (alt-S4; reprinted from B7 COMPLEX #3)
"Chura" (S3)
"The Long Past" (S3; reprinted from GAMBIT [AU] #2)
"A Change of Scene" (S3; A, A's sister Kera; reprint of "A Change of Season" from CHRONICLES #7)
"To Cheat Fate" (S3, alt-Rumours)
"My Friend, My Executioner" (S5)

Poetry, all by Moira Dahlberg:
"Elitan of Denda"
"Kera" (later reprinted in CHRONICLES #9/10)
"For Avon"
"For Servalan"
"What?" (later reprinted in TELEPORT #2)
"Kera's Thoughts"
an untitled verse

? cover and tp geometric designs

(stories distributed separately, to be added to the zine; all by Moira Dahlberg)
"Not All Who Dare Can Win" (S3; later reprinted in CHRONICLES #17/18)
"Not with a Whimper" (alt-S3; Se/V)

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