Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

Someone mentioned the Servalan story by Emma Abraham-- here it is. IMO it's the standout story of the zine.

This zine has terrific art, as you'd expect since one editor is an artist. I especially like the portfolio of Servalan's men in #1.

There was also a smut zine from the same group, Forbidden Zone.

Contents TIME DISTORT #1 (mm, but mostly B7)

Editors: Cherry Steffy and Nancy Kolar
Publisher: Space Command Press (Scorpio club)
Date: [1983]

B7 fiction:
Elizabeth Ann Stanley, "Transfer" (S2; C)
?, "Blake" (S3; humor)
Cherry Steffey, "Conspiracy" (S2; humor)
Cherry Steffey, "Surviving" (S4; So)
Robin Carlinetti, "The Word of a Man" (S0; Ta-Jarvik)

Non-B7 fiction:
Kathryn Sullivan, "Dr. Who and the Uncivil War"

Cherry Steffy and Nancy Kolar, "Editorial"
You Will Submit
Scorpio club ad

B7 poetry:
Crystal Ann Taylor, "At the Side of a Cliff" (A-B)
Laurie Farkas, "A Parting of Friends" (A-B)
N. E. Kolar, "The Final Act... of Love" (Se-Tr)
Laurie Farkas, "Admission" (V)
Joyce Kreuz, "A Poem for Avon"
Bud Hanzel, "Blake's Seven Theme" (f, Monkees theme)
Crystal Ann Taylor, "With No Rest or Reward" (A-B)
Bud Hanzel, "Vila's Theme" (f, Lola)

Non-B7 poetry:
Bud Hanzel, "I Wonder Where's the Doctor Tonight" (f, I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight")
Renee (Arwen) Alper & Miaxime Berkowitz, "Doctor Who Commercial Medley" (filks of assorted commercials)

B7 art:
Nancy Kolar front c. Tr2 in Gambit
p. 2 A
p. 3 Liberator border
p. 4 B-A
p. 30 Tr2-Se
pp. 43-52 "Servalan's Personal
Portfolio" (Carnell, Tr2, Jarvik, A)
p. 86 So
p. 88 Ta-Jarvik; tp for "Word"
p. 91 Ta; illo for "Word"
p. 97? B
p. 98? Scorpio border
Deb Walsh p. 6 tp for "Transfer"
p. 9 Se; illo for "Transfer"
p. 19 A-B; illo for "Transfer"
p. 24 illo for "Transfer"
p. 27 C-Tr; illo for "Transfer"
Suzie Molnar p. 29 A, B
Cheryl Whitfield Duval p. 32 tp for "Conspiracy"
p. 40 cartoon illo for "Consp."
p. 41 wrapped present
Paulie p. 42 V
Laurie Farkas p. 87 A
p. 94 A
Cherry Steffey p. 93 A, V, D, So
Robin Carlinetti p. 96 V-Slave

Non-B7 art:
? p. 53 illo for "I Wonder"
Cheryl Whitfield-Duval pp. 54, 60, 66, 79, 83, 84, 85, DW illos

Contents TIME DISTORT #2 (all-B7 issue of mm zine)

Editors: Cherry Steffy and Nancy Kolar
Publisher: Space Command Press (Scorpio club)
Date: [1984]

Nabby Lee, "C.C.M." (S1; humor)
Debbie Sears, "Power Became My Lover" (prequel to stories by Emma Abraham; S0; Se/Don Keller)
Sheila Paulson, "Within Reason Of Course" (S3; Rumours)
Emma L. Abraham, "An End and a Beginning" (sequel to "Shattered Phoenix" in B7 Complex #13; S5; Se/Ta)
Nabby Lee, "The Gallows Foot and After" (alt-S4-5, alt-Blake; V)
Nikki White, "Birds of a Feather" (S4; alt-Rescue; SWars crossover; A-Han)
Sheila Paulson, "Deja Vu" (S2; post-Killer; G)
Crystal Ann Taylor, "End Game" (S4; B)
Kathy Hintze, "Tempt Not the Gods" (S4; V-hc, A-V)

Cherry Steffy and Nancy Kolar, "Editorial"
Heather Lulham, "Blake's Surprise" (winning contest entry; refers to "Conspiracy" in #1)

Crystal Ann Taylor, "Bleed No More in Silence" (B-A)
Laurie Farkas, "He Smiled" (A)
JoLynn Horvath, "Cally's Requiem" (original song, with music)
John Mead, "Blake, Why?" (A)
ER, "Fool" (V)
John Mead, "CloneBlake 1, Servalan 0"
Crystal Ann Taylor, "What Lies Inside" (A-B)
JoLynn Horvath, "The Rally" (f, On and On and On, by Abba)
Crystal Ann Taylor, "Point of Contact" (D-Se)
Nancy E. Kolar, "Silence" (B-J)
Leman Yuen, Limerick (V)
N. E. Kolar, "Reunion" (Ta-Jarvik)
Virginia Turpin, "'Til Death Do Us Part" (A-B)
Crystal Ann Taylor, "The Shape of Tomorrow in a Few Moments of Time" (A-B)

Nancy Kolar front c. Se/Ta; illo for "An End"
p. 1 Bayban
p. 22 C, Sarcophagus alien
p. 27 V
p. 112 J
p. 113 cartoon B
p. 130 B
p. 134 B
back c. Bayban
Cheryl Whitfield-Duval p. 7 cartoon illo for "C.C.M."
Phred p. 9 B
p. 24 A
p. 103 B, A, V cartoon
p. 114 tp for "Deja Vu"
p. 125 G; illo for "Deja Vu"
Sheila Willis p. 10 Se
p. 14 young Don Keller
p. 18 Se
Deb Walsh p. 28 Se-Ta, A; tp for "An End"
p. 38 Ta-So; illo for "An End"
p. 46 Se; illo for "An End"
p. 66 Se; illo for "An End"
p. 77 A, So, D; illo for "An End"
p. 90 Se-Ta; illo for "An End"
Jane Fancher p. 95 B
p. 104 D-Se; tp for "Point"
Pat Cash p. 96 A
p. 129 Ta
p. 137 A
Tom Grewe p. 98 tp for "Gallows"
Laurie Farkas p. 106 A-Han; tp for "Birds"
T. J. Burnside p. 138 V; tp for "Tempt"
p. 147 A-Ta
p. 152 D
p. 157 V

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