"Space Oddity" and "Son of Space Oddity" were specifically HUMOR-theme zines


Editor: Emily McEwan
Publisher: Green Cheese Press (Wheaton, IL)
Date: August 1988

Alicia Ann Fox, "Family Visit" (S2; sequel to "A Little Holiday" in #1)
Peter Heimsoth, "The Phantom of the Federation" (script; parody of a segment of Phantom of the Opera; humor)
Jennifer Barr (with help from Tammy Riden), "Klyn in Charge" (S5; Klyn; humor)
CarolMel Ambassador, "More Than Words" (S3; post-Star One; A-J)
Julie Nowak, "Everything But the Kitchen Sink, or, Two Men and a Breakfast" (Black-and-white Blake's 7 series; S4; AU humor)
Kim Wigmore, "Gambit Special 27" (S2; Gambit; humor)
Mary Gerstner and April Giordano, "Blake's 7: The Next Generation" (S5)
V. G. Prineas, "Deliverance?" (S1; alt-Deliverance; Deliverance (novel and movie) crossover; humor)
Holly Hutchison, with the help of Alicia Ann Fox, Kim Wigmore, and Kim Kindya, "ElfSeven: It Could've Been Worse!" (graphic story; S1 AU; ElfQuest/ Robotech/ X-Men/ Camelot 3000/ Bugs Bunny crossover; humor)
Julie Nowak, "Eh.. Paulette" (based on a story told by Terry Nation at the Liars' Panel at DSV; actors; humor)
Alicia Ann Fox, "I Want to Break Free" (S5)
Leigh Arnold, "The Maltese Turkey" (AU humor)
Julie Nowak, "White-out" (Black-and-white Blake's 7 series; S2; AU humor)
Kelly Hardin, "Survivor" (S5)
Kathy Frachey, V. G. Prineas, and Susie Uhl, "Blake's Aid" (video script; AU humor)

Emily McEwan, "By the Light of the Moon" (editorial)
Merle Micklin, drawn by Emily McEwan, "The Handy-dandy
Blake's 7 Pocket Episode Computer" (tree diagram; humor)
"The Sunday Funnies" (clippings)
Merle Micklin, drawn by Emily McEwan, "The Post G-P Blake's 7 Fanzine Story Pocket Computer" (tree diagram; humor)

Dree Nagel, "(Can't Be) Blake" (f, Fake, by Alexander O'Neill)
Dree Nagel, "Hang Down Your Head, Kerr Avon" (f, Tom Dooley, by the Kingston Trio)
Dree Nagel, "Vila" (f, Luka, by Suzanne Vega)
Dree Nagel, "And Then There Was One"
Dree Nagel, "Superior" (f, Serious, by Donna Allen)
Dree Nagel, "Realm of Madness" (f, Sound of SDIlence, by Simon and Garfunkel)
Dree Nagel, "I Guess I'm Alone Now" (f, I Think We're Alone Now")
Dree Nagel, "You're Crazy, Aren't You" (f, Crazy for You, by Madonna)
Dree Nagel, "With or Without You (Avon's Version)" (f, With or Without You, by U2)

Holly Hutchison front c. A & vampires, comic-style
pp. 49-64 ElfSeven
Lynne Alisse Witten p. 1 Scorpio
p. 3 Orac
Dree Nagel p. 9 "If Blake Had Never Rebelled #6" (cartoon)
p. 19 "If Blake Had Never Rebelled #7" (cartoon)
p. 25 "If Blake Had Never Rebelled #8" (cartoon)
p. 71 "If Blake Had Never Rebelled #9" (cartoon)
p. 96 "Cally's Lament" (cartoon)
p. 97 "If Blake Had Never Rebelled #10" (cartoon)
p. 135 A-V cartoon
p. 144 "If Blake Had Never Rebelled #11" (cartoon)
Julie Nowak p. 13 cartoon illo for "Klyn"
p. 16 A on GP; cartoon
p. 22 cartoon illo for "Everything But"
p. 70 cartoon illo for "Eh"
p. 85 A-B on GP; cartoon
p. 100 cartoon illo for "White"
p. 103 cartoon illo for "White"
Kim Wigmore p. 15 captioned photo; A-B on GP
p. 30 collage illo for "Gambit"
p. 36 collage illo for "Gambit"
p. 38 captioned photo; illo for "Gambit"
p. 66 captioned photo; A-B on GP
p. 96 captioned photo; A-B
p. 143 captioned photo; A-Ta
Leigh Arnold pp. 87, 91, 95 cartoon illos for "Maltese Turkey"
Emily McEwan p. 136 tp for "Blake's Aid"
p. 140 collage illo for "Blake's"
Pete Heimsoth back c. "The Amazing(ly Huge) Spider-Gan"

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