Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

This is the all-fiction companion zine to Shadow, a newsletter that also included fiction (yes, I have all 5 issues of that and will get around to it eventually).

I'm very fond of Theresa Buffaloe's story in which Avon winds up in a threeway with Soolin and an original female character. Yes, yes, I know it's a shameless Mary Sue, but I like it anyway. Guilty pleasures. :)


Editors: Sara Arnold, Theresa Buffaloe and Robin Lancaster (East Rochester, NY)
Date: January 1988

Mary Ann Johanson, "Facade" (S3; post-Rumours; A/C)
Janet P, "Requiem" (S4; Rescue; A-C death)
Robin Lancaster and Sara Arnold, "Trick or Treat" (S2; post-Gambit)
Mary Ann Johanson, "A Variation on Terminal" (alt-S3-4, alt-Terminal)
Theresa Buffaloe, "Epilogue" (S5; So/V)
Vennessa Kelly, "Memories" (S3; A/Anna)
Sara Arnold, "Heart-to-Heart" (S3; post-Children; A-C)
Theresa Buffaloe, "Hunter" (S4; A-ocf)

Sara Arnold, Theresa Buffaloe and Robin Lancaster, "Editorial"
"You Are Receiving This Zine Because"

Theresa Buffaloe cover all crew
p. 2 C
p. 6 A crying
p. 12 V
p. 24 A
p. 29 Se
p. 32 V-So
p. 45 A
p. 48 Ta
p. 52 A-ocf; illo for "Hunter"
p. 94 A-ocf; illo for "Hunter"


Editors: Sara Arnold, Theresa D. Buffaloe, and Robin Lancaster (East Rochester, NY)
Date: 1989

Janet P, "Hands" (S3; V-hc, A-V)
Michael J. Macomber, "Gauda Boogie" (S5; humor)
Mary Gerstner, "The Pawn's Game" (alt S4-5; A-B)
Melanie E. Cook, "Second Thoughts" (S4; post-Orbit; A-V)
Catherine Kerrigan, "Descant" (S?; time travel to present; A/ocf)
Peggy Hartsook, "Public Relations" (S1; humor)
Cathy Conrad, "The Barbecue" (Gone with the Wind parody; humor)
Janet P, "Solace" (S2; post-Pressure Point; B/J)
Donna Lancaster-Kuhn, "Turning the Tables" (S3; Ta)
Michelle Moyer, "Birth of a Legend" (S5; A-B)
Theresa D. Buffaloe, "Betrayal" (S5; A-V; V/Kerril, A/So/ocf)

P. Dell Ames, "Prism"
M. J. Dolan, "Ich Dien" (B)
Roj & Stannis, "Liberated" (B/J)
Alyns Lawchilde, "Past Imperfect" (A/Anna)
M. J. Dolan, "Vila Walks Alone" (f, You'll Never Walk Alone)
M. J. Dolan, "Three Orbit Poems (Before, During, After)"
M. J. Dolan, "Inheritor" (A)
Sharon Murphy, "Star One: For Avon"
Sharon Murphy, "Chains"
Sharon Murphy, "Songs of Innocence/Songs of Experience" (A-B)
Renae Ransdorf, "The Price" (f, Sounds of Silence; A; reprinted from Standard by Several #1)
Sharon Murphy, "Courage: For Hal Mellanby"
M. J. Dolan, "Ferry Cross the Federation" (f, Ferry Across the Mersey)
M. J. Dolan, "Conundrum and Oxymoron"

Theresa D. Buffaloe cover A
p. 92a A
p. 99 A-So-ocf; tp for "Betrayal"
p. 106a ocf; illo for "Betrayal"
p. 122a ocf; illo for "Betrayal"
p. 130a illo for "Betrayal"
Kate Knepper p. 10a V
p. 76a B
p. 80a C
Mary Gerstner p. 23 tp for "The Pawn's Game"
p. 54a A
Suzie Molnar p. 40a A-ocf;illo for "Descant"
p. 48a A-ocm;illo for "Descant"
Julie Nowak p. 64 cartoon, MK & PD
p. 146 cartoon, A-B on GP

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