Editors: K. Rae Travers and Sophia Mulvey
Publisher: Bearly Spaced Enterprises
Date: May 1996

Nicole Petty, "The Only Power" (S1)
Helen Parkinson, "Contagion" (alt-S1)
Marian Mendez, "Interminable Nightmare" (S3)
Shirley de Meyer, "Queen of Rain" (S5)
Susan Barrett, "Sacrifice" (S1)
Amy L. Burns, "Sojourn in the Dark" (S3)
Amy L. Burns, "Powerplay" (S3)
Irene Stubbs, "Teleporting Down" (S5)
Sophia R. Mulvey, "Small Wonders" (S5; Deltah Base series)
K. Rae Travers, "Tucker" (S2)
K. Ann Yost, "Bid for Freedom" (S2)
Alan Moravian, "From Bayban with Love" (pre-S3)
Susan Barrett, "Shadows" (S2)
Helen Parkinson, "Our Little Life is Bound with Sleep" (S1)

Alan Moravian, "Vila's School for Thieves"

Val Westall p. 8 B-A; illo for "Contagion"
p. 59 A; illo for "Interminable Nightmare"
p. 81 A; illo for "Queen of Rain"
p. 101 A; illo for "Sojourn in the Dark"
p. 135 a; illo for "Small Wonders"
p. 210 A; illo for "Our Little Life..."
Sue Lawrence-Williams cover A
p. 23 B; illo for "Contagion"
p. 33 B; illo for "Interminable Nightmare"
p. 68 V; illo for "Queen of Rain"
p. 149 V; illo for "Tucker"
p. 170 J-B-G; illo for "Bid for Freedom"
p. 197 B; illo for "Shadows"
Wendy p. 109 Se; illo for "Powerplay"
p. 160 Tucker; illo for "Tucker"
Fiona Ellem p. 67 V; illo for "Interminable Nightmare"
p. 129 illo for "Powerplay"

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