Editors: K. Rae Travers and Sophia Mulvey
Publisher: Bearly Spaced Enterprises
Date: May 1993

Patti E. McClellan, "Bright & Dark" (S1)
K. Ann Yost, "Where Loyalties Lay" (S1)
Celeste Hotaling-Lyons, "Punch Drunk" (S1, "DSV Universe")
Marian Mendez, "The Fifth Stone" (S5)
Jean Graham, "Sojourn" (S4)
K. Rae Travers, "Restal?" (S3)
Jenny Gallagher, "Question of Method" (S2)
Helen Parkinson, "30 Pieces of Silver" (alt-S4)
Helen Parkinson, "Sensory Deprivation" (S1)
Helen Parkinson, "If Wishes Were Horses" (pre-S1 thru S4)
Sophia R. Mulvey, "Home Again, for the Very First Time" (S5; Deltah Base series)
Sue Williams, "Best Chance" (S1)
Alan Moravian, "Kind Hearts & Paper Flowers" (S1)
Vannessa Kelly, "Mummy Dearest" (S2)
Anne Collins Smith, "Words of Tongue or Pen" (historical)
Patti McClellan, "Perspective" (S2)

Alan Moravian, "Help Wanted" (want ad)
Alan Moravian, "The Oprah Winfrey Show"
Alan Moravian, "Dear Mr. Tarrant"
Alan Moravian, "Xenon Salvage & Surplus"

Poetry & Filks:
Melissa Mastoris, "Aftermath: Anna"
Melissa Mastoris, "Jenna's Lament"
Helen Parkinson, "Misunderstandings"
Anne Stullken, "Blake"
Anne Stullken, "Travis"
Melissa Mastoris, "Trust Betrayed"
Anne Stullken, "Dayna"
Anne Stullken, "The Game"

Val Westall p. 2 B-A; illo for "Bright & Dark"
p. 12 V-B; illo for "Punch Drunk"
p. 52 Ta-A; illo for "The Fifth Stone"
p. 66 Ta-A; illo for "Sojourn"
p. 74 V; illo for "Restal"
p. 80 A; illo for "Question of Method"
p. 84 A-V; illo for "Question of Method"
p. 100 B-A; illo for "30 Pieces of Silver"
p. 130 A; illo for "Home Again for the Very First Time"
p. 149 So; illo for "Home Again"
p. 166 A; illo for "Best Chance"
p. 184 A-V; illo for "Best Chance"
p. 200 A; illo for "Words of Tongue or Pen"
p. 202 A; illo for "Perspective"
p. 211 B-A; illo for "Perspective"
Sue Lawrence-Williams cover B, A, V
p. 119 V; illo for "If Wishes Were Horses"
p. 124 A-B; illo for "If Wishes Were Horses"
Maggie Holmes p. 106 So; illo for "30 Pieces of Silver"
p. 188 C; illo for "Black Hearts & Paper Flowers"
Amy Riendeau p. 14 Oprah; illo for "The Oprah Winfrey Show"
Theresa Condon p. 190 Se; illo for "Mummy Dearest"
Kathryn Andersen p. 114 B; illo for "Sensory Deprivation"
Marian Mendez p. 26 A; illo for "The Fifth Stone"

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