Multi-media genzine edited by Kathryn Andersen

This issue is now out of print in the UK, however copies can still be obtained from Kathryn Andersen.

Review by Judith Proctor

This zine contains a number of stories and poems set in various fannish universes. Probably the most distinctive feature of Refractions is the layout. Text, images, fancy borders are worked together very smoothly indeed. The zine looks good to the eye. Do the contents live up to the layout? I'd say they do. I can't comment on the poetry because I wrote most of that, but I'll look at some of the stories here.

Winning is the Only Safety by Kathryn Andersen - Blake's 7/Highlander crossover. This is the first instalment of what is intended to be a longer saga. Avon awakes in a mass grave on Gauda Prime. He realises that he is cursed in a unique way, he cannot die. While I enjoyed this story, I really would like to have more of it because it does end at a point that demands continuation.

Not Dead But Sleeping - by Kev Davis - Alien Nation - probably my favourite story in the zine. I think you could easily enjoy this story without knowing the series at all. It's not tied into the series continuity in any way, uses new characters and develops them well. The details of Newcommer life are happily worked into the plot. Cowly, a Newcommer, is a policeman in Birmingham, has raw haddock at his local chip shop and complains about thc chemical additives in the sour milk at the pub. The story is essentially a murder mystery and the plot takes us deeper into Newcommer history before they came to earth.

All I Need to Know I learned From Watching Highlander by Marina Bailey. "If you see two people fighting with swords, don't interrupt." and other useful aphorisms. Amusing and interesting selection even if (like me) you've never seen the series.

Though This be Madness by Jean Graham - Outer Limits - This is a prequel to to an episode called 'The Form of Things Unknown', but it's pretty creepy in its own right. If you like horror stories, this may well appeal.

Aftermath by Jim McMahon - Babylon 5 - a pleasant short story and to say more about it would give away the plot.

There's also a couple of short Blake's 7 stories by Jean Graham and Jenny Hayward.

Refractions #1 wordcount 40,400

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Last updated on 02nd of February 2003.