HORIZON 1+8 Review

Reviwed by Julia Jones.

Horizon 1+8

(July 1990 combined reprint, A5)

This is a combined reprint of volumes 1 and 8. However, there are only 6 stories in this reprint, and the zine database listings for the original zines indicate 4 in volume 1 and 4 in volume 8. The missing stories are listed as follows in the zine database entry for Volume 1:

Paul Mark Tamms, "Goodnight, Mr. Vila!" (S2; V)

C. S. Armitage, "Sam's Story" (S2; Citizen Smith crossover; humor)

The combined reprint also has new artwork. There's a lot of art in this volume, ranging from average to very nice indeed. I'm particularly taken with Fliss Davies' portrait of Avon on page 128, and not just because it appears to be based on one of the publicity stills from Aftermath where he's wearing that black silk shirt with the open neck.

I didn't like everything in this zine, but thought it worthwhile overall.

Eclipse - Sharon Eckman

I didn't like this to begin with - the characterisation seemed off to me. There turned out to be a good in-story reason for this... Aliens are manipulating the human crew of _Liberator_ as part of a psychology study. They are eventually driven off, but not without leaving damage behind them. For me this one fell into the category "has potential and I'd like to read this author when she's more experienced". In fact, I _have_ seen later work by this author, and thoroughly enjoyed it. This one's worth reading but not worth chasing after.

Life-Watch - Pamela Wright

After Deathwatch, there's one last thing Del Tarrant can do for Deeta - pretend to be Deeta for the day or two before Deeta's wife gives birth. Tender h/c story, well written. I liked this one a lot. Highly recommended for the Tarrant Nostra in particular.

Deja Vu - Val Leibson

A piece of silliness in which Avon and Vila get sucked into the brain of Marvin the Paranoid Android, and Avon relives his past. Whether it's funny depends very much on personal taste, but it's only five pages of text, plus two pages with a couple of decent cartoons, so it doesn't take up much space.

Possible Futures Part 2 - Ros Williams

I'm sorry, but I can't face reading this one at the moment. There are 70 pages in part 1 (in Horizon 7) and 44 pages in Part 2, and I know by now that there's a high probability that I will regret having spent the time reading anything by this author... Those who do like her style will just have to assess the story for themselves.

Just Another Day - Dorothy Davies

Short story from the viewpoint of one of the people Blake helps. A young woman in a rebel group has been disfigured during a raid, and Blake offers her plastic surgery. Sweet without being overly sentimental, and a nice look at how Blake and his crew look to other people.

Seeds of Legend - Judith M Seaman

The third season crew is looking for a defunct Federation supply base in the hope that it will still have useful supplies to raid. Avon tries logic to work out where the camouflaged base must be, Tarrant tries going down to the planet to talk to the locals, with varying degrees of success. This being a Judith Seaman story, it's Avon who has the greater degree of success. Being a third season story, it's safe for Blake fans to read. I enjoyed this one.

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