The Other Side #4

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Review by Predatrix

Cover art: Tarrant looking Too Pretty To Live, all bright eyes and peachy lips - will appeal very much to fans of that sort of thing, who do not include myself (I'm no fan of pin-up boys whose main attributes seem to be legs and a smile <g,d&rlh>). No Tarrant content, however.

In Lieu of Regrets (A/V) - Ellis Ward

Very nice post-Malodaar PWP - doesn't duck the issue that this is a moment's illusory comfort snatched from a world of shattered trust, and I've seen a few A/Vs set after _Orbit_ that go way over the top in trying to convince us that Love Can Conquer All.

By Default (A/V) - Julie Bozza

Vila drunk, lonely and seeking someone to pick up, talking to Avon. PWP.

A Touch of Love (orgy) - Geoff Tilley

The Trek (IIRC) idea of Mr. Mudd and his aphrodisiac visits b7 in a fluff story owing much more to male soft porn than any women's fanfic tradition. OK, I admit that the line "Blake and Avon had exhausted themselves after furious lovemaking" nearly woke me up, but the rest of the sentence makes it clear the situation is strictly het and f/f, so I returned to my slumbers. Rather clumsily written.

The Naked Truth (everyone) - Greg Dales

Extremely silly fluff which hinges on the crew going off for a bit of r&r, only to be rudely (and nudely) teleported up by Orac when some pirate ships appear. I have a sneaking fondness for this, especially the line "But when the last two shimmered into existence, Vila blinked, gulped, and then said feebly, 'I... see you finally found Blake, Avon.'"

Kiss of Death (So/ocm) - Gail Neville

Soolin's chequered and lethal past before the *Scorpio*. she catches up with the last of the men who killed her family. He thinks she's after sex, but if Soolin asks you to take your clothes off, make very certain you're in a breathable atmosphere.

Portabello Blues (V/ocm, A/V) - Julie Bozza

Vila may have reached the end of his tether with the rest of the crew. He's been used sexually by Avon, and just used for his skills by everyone else. Now he sees a chance of escape with a boy who may love him for himself.

Interlude in A Flat (A/C) - Linda Cox Chan

One-page fluff. Cally has designs on Avon -- but is he having a more serious relationship with the one whirring under the bed?

A Form of Comfort (A/B) - Ellis Ward

Hurt/comfort PWP. Can Avon comfort Blake in his despair? Can Blake let him?

The Haunting (B/ocm) - xBryn Lantry

This is an effective way to use an original character: fill in the gaps in Blake's past and show us more about Blake's desperate need for love and memory. The twist that Yevgeny isn't what he seems is very well done.

Marcus Samson and the Orabanda Dragon (gen) - Greg Dales

Another enormously good-tempered fluff from this writer. A "Mark-Sam" (male form of Mary-Sue), but don't let that put you off! The twentieth-century hero is snatched from his own time for a little intergalactic veterinary work -- but does he trust Servalan to reward him?

Island in the Sun (V/ocf, V/A) - Quale

Vila tries to leave the ship for a new life on a tropical paradise - but his new girlfriend tells him he is too closely linked to Avon to leave, so he returns.

Trouble With (A/B) - Diaphanous Dolly

This is a hoot! Two-page fluff on the Curse of the Tribble Alphas...

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