The Other Side #3

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Review by Predatrix

A comparatively large issue this time, but several very long stories rather than lots of short ones. Some xBryn illustrations, which oddly enough I didn't really like in this issue, although I thought the ones in issue 2 were wonderful.

Interjunction (A/B) - Sebastian

The "fluffy dice" story, as M.Fae insists on calling it. Blake and Avon locked up together, start off fighting, dare each other into sex out of boredom, and end up madly in love. I know it sounds daft, but it's nice! Again, a work from Sebastian's short "optimistic" period.

It was the Devil (J/ocm) - Janet Kragg

Jenna is saved from a villain by another villain who wants to rape her -- but is it better the devil you know? PWP.

Sisyphus (A/B, J/C) - xBryn Lantry

Slash without explicit sex. Very much in the mould of _Puppeteer_: more about what's going on in the characters' heads than anything else, and fascinated by the darkness of the characters' motives and behaviour.

Taken In (A/J) - Leah Rosenthal/Ann Wortham

PWP. Avon and Jenna having a quick fling, thinking themselves unobserved -- but are they?

The Unbelievers (B/J, G/Kara) - xBryn Lantry

Well, if one must have het :-) , this is a good story. xBryn short-changes Jenna's character less than the series did, I think. Nicely characterised and interesting Cygnus Alpha piece (a/u branching from "if they hadn't found the *Liberator*).

The Promise (gen) - Ann Wortham/Leah Rosenthal

I admit to skim-reading this as the printing was unreadable (not only 9-pin dot-matrix, but *faint* 9-pin dot-matrix). Seems to be a hurt/comfort thing where Avon has been taken apart by Travis, there's not much of his mind left, but Vila has promised to put him back together again.

Cross-Dominance (clone/everybody) - London Bates

A professional sex-slave who is either Blake or the clone, but "intensely male. Heroically male" -- yes, we must be in a story by London Bates again. Sex-slave romps about with Tarrant, Avon and Vila in various combinations, while the author tries to keep us in frantic suspense as to whether this is Blake or not.

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