Horizon Interviews Zine

Reviewed By Julia Jones.

This is a collection of the interviews Horizon did from 1980 to 1985, originally printed in the club newsletter. The version I've got is the March 1996 print run, which has been updated from the original 1988 printing.

As is usual with Horizon zines, the physical production qualities are good. This one is excellent, being an A5 zine with a gloss card cover. The cover has a range of cast photos, and the ones on the gloss exterior are beautifully printed. The ones on the matt interior aren't quite as good, but are still very nice. And they are *very* nice photos. The two photos of Paul Darrow are extremely yummy:-) I'm sure those with other tastes will enjoy the photos of Sally Knyvette, Michael Keating (who also rates two), Jan Chappell, Brian Croucher, Jacqueline Pearce, Josette Simon, Glynis Barber (with "Makepeace" hairstyle), Geoffrey Burridge, Peter Tuddenham and Steven Pacey.

Apart from the above, there are also interviews with Lorna Heilbron, Mat Irvine and Sheelagh Wells. Each interview is accompanied by a biography, which has been updated in the 1996 edition.

The interviews are generally interesting, often because they're representative of views which have changed in the fifteen to twenty years since. :-) There's a lot of detail about both the people themselves, and their view of behind the scenes on Blakes 7, and of course these interviews were done while it was still fairly fresh in memory. The earliest were done while the show was still in production. I loved the detail about where Mary Ridge got the idea to have Gunn-Sar doing a tapestry. :-)

Each interview has been illustrated by Tim Pieraccini, so there's also some very nice artwork. In the case of the actors, this is both the actor and the character, which leads to some amusing contrasts, such as a grinning Paul Darrow and a very grim S4 Avon.

Excellent zine, and recommended if this is the sort of thing that interests you.

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Last updated on 03rd of June 2002.