Review by Judith Proctor

Reviewed by Judith Proctor. A5 card cover.

'Footnote to History' by Helen Pitt - reasonable story exploring what happens when Avon hears of an operation that will enhance brain capacity.

'Of a Hero' by David Bell - controversial story in which Cally forsees the future and realises that killing Avon may be the only way to prevent that future coming to pass.

'Interval' by Judith Seaman - amusing story in which Avon and the third season cast are on the run from someone even worse than the Federation. They are being pursued by the BBC who want to make a fourth series!

'Inheritance' by Mary Moulden - for me, this is the outstanding story of the zine. Beautifully written and a fascinating exploration of character. Servalan is dying and her daughter promises to achieve her last wish for her - to kill Avon. This story shows us an Avon who has no real desire to be a rebel, but in the pursuit of a peaceful life for himself has almost as a byproduct made great changes for the better in other people's lives.

'A day by the Sea' by Wendy Ingle - I didn't care for this story as it didn't seem to be doing anything. Vila and Soolin get washed out to sea and are rescued by seal-like creatures.

'Stowaway' by Margaret Scroggs - Vila rescues a young runaway in the fourth season. Also allows us to see how Blake's clone has fared since he was left. Nothing special, but worth reading.

Overall, I'd recommend this as one of the better Horizon zines.

Review By Julia Jones

Some excellent stories and nothing that was appallingly bad. I'd recommend this zine.

There are several pieces of art and two cartoons - reasonable but nothing outstanding. My favourite was a pencil portrait by Kay Wallace, which is actually of Paul Darrow rather than Avon - it's taken from a publicity shot of the actor rather than the character, and it shows:-)

Footnote to history - Helen Pitt

Servalan is planning a double bluff with an operation that can enhance intelligence. The story is somewhat marred by plot holes and the occasional slip in characterisation and continuity with the series - I found these rather distracting, even though they're to be expected in a story written before videos of the series were widely available. Some interesting ideas, and the story's worth reading in spite of the flaws.

Of a hero - David G Bell

Cally has a series of dreams showing her that Avon's behaviour will lead him to indirectly cause her death and Zen's, and to murder Blake. Are the dreams genuine premonitions, and even if they are, can she prevent them coming true without having to kill Avon? I'm not entirely convinced by how readily some of the crew turn against Avon, but this story takes a nicely hard-edged look at the dilemma of prophecy.

Interval - Judith M Seaman

Thoroughly entertaining story in which the third season crew attempt to escape the clutches of an enemy even more deadly than the Federation - the BBC in pursuit of a fourth series. One of the best Real World/Federation crossovers I've seen.

Inheritance - Mary Moulden

20 years after Gauda Prime, President Servalan is dying. Her last wish - to see Avon die before she does. Her daughter promises to fulfil that wish. Wonderfully written story, with both an action/adventure strand and a good exploration of character interaction.

A day by the sea - Wendy Ingle

Soolin and Vila explore a concealed area of Xenon base, and end up getting washed out to sea. Nothing much happens in the story, but it's competently written.

Stowaway - Margaret Scroggs

Fourth series Vila rescues a runaway orphan. Avon finds the orphan a safe place to stay, but as always his motives are mixed. Reasonable but nothing special. Notable for the author having remembered that the Scorpio had no separate living quarters when the crew first took over, and specifically mentioning that they have since installed crew quarters in one of the cargo holds. I've seen far too many stories by authors who thought the Scorpio was as big as the Liberator...


Editor: [Pat Thomas?]
Publisher: The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society-- Horizon
Date: First edition (A4): July 1984
Reprint (A5 digest): (February 1989?)

Helen Pitt, "Footnote to History" (S4; A)
David G. Bell, "Of a Hero..." (alt-S3, alt-Terminal; C)
Judith M. Seaman, "Interval" (S3; real-world crossover; humor)
Mary Moulden, "Inheritance" (S5; A-Se-ocf)
Wendy Ingle, "A Day by the Sea" (S4; D-So-V)
Margaret Scroggs, "Stowaway" (S4)

Art: (digest edition)
Valerie Leibson front c. A, C
Chris Copp p. 40a cartoon
p. 88a cartoon
John Humphries p. 40b B, A, V, G, J, C
? p. 68 Liberator
Kay Wallace p. 88b A
Harry Eckman back c. Liberator, Scorpio

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