Editor: [Pat Thomas?]
Publisher: The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society-- Horizon
Date: First edition (A4):
Reprint (A5 digest):

Helen Pitt, "Epilogue" (S4; A)
Jeannette Hawley, "The Price of Knowledge" (Dorian Trilogy, part 3; S3?; So/Dorian)
Judith M. Seaman, "Sentence" (S3)
Heidi Dennis, "Brotherly Love" (S3; Ta)
Helen Pitt & Mary Moulden, "Encore" (S5)
Wendy Ingle, "Reprieved/Condemned" (S4; Rescue; C-J)

Art: Heather Lulham cover A & C? silhouettes, tigers, & Kay Wallace Liberator

Review By Julia Jones

(original A4 edition)

The stories are of variable quality, but as usual with Horizon zines, it's cheap enough not to matter much if you only like half the stories.

Epilogue - Helen Pitt

Avon and Anna demonstrate that using scraps of information about the future to cheat fate can bring about the very doom you were trying to evade. I liked the use of the time travel paradox, but the ending of the story is a clumsy attempt to push S4 Avon into revealing his hidden feelings for his fellow crew members.

The Price of Knowledge - Jeannette Hawley

Final part of the Dorian Trilogy. Pre-Rescue, Dorian and Soolin go looking for a former associate of Dorian's who has stolen confidential information, with Dorian having to conceal from Soolin exactly what the information is. Could use some polishing, but it's good to see a story about Dorian himself, rather than his interaction with the remnants of the Liberator crew.

Sentence - Judith M Seaman

The third season crew have a break on an uninhabited planet, and bring back an odd little ball. Then one by one the crew start experiencing hallucinations that knock them unconscious, and the race is on to reverse it. Well-written story, and a delightful bit of Avon characterisation at the end.

Brotherly Love - Heidi Dennis

Tarrant rescues the only survivor from a damaged ship, a pilot who turns out to be Deeta's ex-lover. Bluff and double-bluff ensue as Avon sees a chance for inside information on military freight carried in civilian ships - *if* the pilot isn't a planted spy. Still more Mary-Sue from this author, although more readable than the one in Volume 2.

Encore - Helen Pitt & Mary Moulden

The crew are brainwashed after Gauda Prime, turning them into good little citizens. Twenty years later a chance encounter at a double-booked conference centre results in them remembering who they were, with entertaining results. I was far too busy giggling to notice the logical flaws in the story the first time through. Lots of fun, and I loved the job Servalan had put Avon to work at.

Reprieved/Condemned - Wendy Ingle

Cally was in a deep coma after the explosions on Terminal, and after the departure of Scorpio she revives just enough to put out a telepathic call for help. Jenna has finally managed to locate the Liberator and caught up just in time to see it destroyed. Will she hear the call or not? An interesting variant on the theme of Cally's possible rescue from Terminal, but the ending falls a little flat.

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